Monday, December 11, 2017

Choral Caroling at Sweet Frog

article by Izabella Caruolo
edited by Nick Hammond

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Massabesic High School Choral Department Logo

The MHS Choral Department is Caroling at

Sweet Frog

~A Special Thanks to Ms. Heather Guilfoyle and Madison Richards~

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It's finally that time of year, where people are putting their Christmas tree up, making a Christmas list, drinking eggnog, shopping, or watching classic Christmas movies, but one thing that many people forgot about is caroling. If you don’t know what caroling is, it's when a group of people sing Christmas songs. What carolers do is they go door to door in a neighborhood and ask if they’ll donate to their cause and in return they will sing for them.
This year the MHS choir gets to carol at the frozen yogurt store called Sweet Frog, it was optional for the members of the chorus and chamber singers. They will be performing at Sweet Frog in Biddeford on December 15th from 6 to 7pm. The President for the Chorus and Chamber Singers, Madison Richards, has been planning the practices, also she is the one who found this event on Facebook.  The director of the school's choral department, Ms. Heather Guilfoyle, has been teaching the choral group the Christmas carols that will be performed and making sure everyone is ready to sing their hearts out.
I had asked the director Ms. Heather Guilfoyle and the President, Madison, a few questions on this performance. “Why are we caroling at Sweet Frog?” Madison's response was, “It is a great opportunity for the choral department to get some visibility throughout the community. We love to spread our music with as many people as we can. We can do this by caroling for the customers at Sweet Frog, but also to give them an idea of our abilities, and encourage them to come to our concerts in the future.  It is also a fundraiser for us, so from 6-7, the people that come in and buy some delicious fro-yo, a percentage of the proceeds go back to the choral department.” ~Madison Richards
  When asked, “What is Challenging about Caroling?” Madison also answered, “Often times, carols are already known by the students, making it harder for harmony parts to breakaway from the melody!  The melody is so well known, that it is almost too easy, and too tempting to revert back to it!” ~Madison Richards
Ms. Heather Guilfoyle had responded to, “How does Caroling Improve the Chorus” by saying, “Caroling is always a fun bonding activity for singers. It’s a great way to spread camaraderie among all those involved. Groups that know each other always work better together so, the more activities they do together the better! It also gives some students an opportunity to sing parts they don't always sing and to practice singing harmonies to well known tunes.” ~Ms. Heather Guilfoyle
They will be singing We Wish You a Merry Christmas, Angels We Have Heard on High, Silent Night and many more! This event is hosted by Sweet Frog, they’re having a competition for their holiday video with the feature song We Wish You a Merry Christmas. Different choirs in the area can book a date to carol and 25% of the sales will go to their choral department. Sweet Frog will then choose the performance by the choir they want to be in their holiday video. MHS hope that our choir is chosen for the Holiday Video!

       The Carolers are……    

  • Madison Richards
  • Hannah Jordan
  • Emma Masse
  • Anastasia Vermette
  • Izabella Caruolo
  • Lauren Weko
  • Zolyia Nedzbala
  • Olivia Gerry
  • Amie Giles
  • Amy Burke
  • Isaiah Binimou
  • Jared Walberg
  • Nick Verrill
  • Benjamin Levesque
  • Hayden Peters
  • Emily Jane Malloy
  • Kassidy Watson
  • Rebecca McClurken
  • Rachael Raymond

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