Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The Floods That Swept Across Vietnam

The Floods that Swept Across Vietnam
Article by Cassidy Morrell and Angelli Bishop
Edited by Kaylei Coughlin and Bailey Baldwin
On a cold afternoon in the country of Vietnam, on November 6th, 2017, Typhoon Damrey came crashing in, flooding the streets and killing over sixty people and counting. These monstrous waters tore across the country on a Saturday, and lasted all throughout the weekend. Twenty-eight people have also been reported missing after the flash floods and are currently presumed dead. Additionally, the Vietnam federal government worries that their dams will soon burst, due to the immense pressure build up of the water. This is a pressing issue, but many Vietnamese people tried to look on the bright side, and help those in need by wading around in boats, offering any help to those who need it.
Moreover, roads that had been washed away or overly flooded, were creating traffic jams to those who were trying to leave their city, making things even more difficult for Vietnam. To make matters worse, over 2,000 houses perished during the vicious typhoon and 80,000 were seriously damaged. Consequently, this left over 90,000 people without a home and nowhere to go.
As of now, exactly sixty-one people died, but with officials still discovering more bodies, that number is expected to increase. This was not the first flood to hit Vietnam within the previous month. In October, torrential downpours, dangerous floods and tropical storms rushed through, causing even more destruction to the country. In total, the amount of damage adds up to VND1 trillion, which is $43 million dollars in the US. The already poor country cannot withstand replacing a tremendous amount of money. Which unfortunately in their case, it would lead to very deep pits of debt.
Furthermore, over 20,000 acres of rice fields were destroyed and 37,000 acres of vegetables were ruined because of the flooding. Due to this horrendous natural disaster, many Vietnamese citizens were impacted hard. Although, this horrible incident does not mean it’s the end for all. With help from the National Steering Committee for Natural Disaster Prevention and Control, (NCDPC) have put together a successful fundraising campaign, along with Party and State leaders, and collected $17,600 US dollars that was donated to help aid relief for the victims of the deadly typhoon.
Nguyen Thi Vui paddles her boat in the flooded streets of Hoi An, Vietnam

Flash floods and landslides destroy a house in northern province of Hoa Binh, Vietnam

Farmers harvest rice on a flooded field Ninh Binh province, Vietnam

Red Cross responds to the severe flooding, offering food and water to those in need

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  1. I love the mood of this article, very serious. The pictures definitely capture the devastation of Vietnam.