Wednesday, November 8, 2017

The Confederate Flag

article by Daisy Downs
edited by Izabella Caruolo

Hi, I'm Daisy Downs, coming at you from Massabesic High School. In this article I’m going to inform you about a recent issue right at our school with the confederate flag. This issue has impacted us significantly and is known by almost all the students and teachers in this school, and this is why I think it would be a good topic to talk and inform others about.
The confederate flag, also known as the “Rebel Flag” was the flag of the confederate states of America. Many people automatically do get offended when they see people wearing these flags because they think that is symbolizes racism. Many students in the school would wear hoodies, T shirts, and hats with the confederate flag on it. Teachers and other students didn’t think it was harming anyone and knew it was just something that they wanted to represent, like people do with the American flag.
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Students representing the confederate flag and wearing shirts with the flag on it wasn’t ever a big issue at our school. Though, it did become an issue when complaints were being made to the principal that there was a group of people bullying African Americans in defense of the flag they were representing. This continued to get worse as days went on and people in the school started to get more tension with each other about the students that defend the confederate flag, or the students that didn’t; it went both ways.  

After drama went down and conversations between the principal and multiple students took place there was a rule made that nobody was allowed to represent the confederate flag. Since it caused so many problems and people to group up with their friends to either go against or for the confederate flag, staff at the school thought the best choice was to not allow students to even wear clothes with this flag on them to school.
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In conclusion, there is a lot of controversy about what the confederate flag stands for, and how people have attributed their own meaning of the flag. Everyone has a different opinion on it. Once source reports this flag was used by troops in battle and the quote from the creator of the 2nd confederate flag, William T. Thompson can help you get an understanding of the flag itself and why certain people might be offended by this flag more than others: “As a people we are fighting to maintain the heaven ordained supremacy of the white man over the inferior or colored race; A white flag would thus be emblematical of our cause. Upon a red field would stand forth our southern cross, gemmed, preserving in beautiful contrast the red white and blue.” However, other sources would contradict this as the source of the flag, which is part of the controversy.
As the school's responsibility is to deal with any issue that disrupts the learning environment, the significant impact the flag and its use in school required action.


  1. I would be more than happy to discuss this with people more in depth.

  2. I am glad you wrote this article to express your sentiment about this controversial issue. We are fortunate to have an administration team that is supportive and does not shy away from addressing issues like this and find solutions. The job on promoting a safe and welcoming environment for all students is very important. I think that education, participation, and respect will prevail in MHS if we all do our part! Good article!