Wednesday, November 8, 2017


article by Elizabeth Marston
edited by Izzy Hurlburt
additional reporting by Annabelle Cote-Gendreau
additional editing by Brianna Mooers

Many know about the program NJROTC in our school, but many also don’t know exactly what it’s about or what you do in it. First of all, NJROTC stands for Navy Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps. They do wonderful things for our community, which will be further explained in the following paragraphs.

NJROTC is often misinterpreted as a program to prepare students to go into the Military, but the purpose is actually not necessarily urging students to do such. This program is a lot of fun and you are constantly learning new things and different ways to view things. The teachers, also known as Naval Science Instructors (NSI’s,) Senior Chief Jordan, and Commander Donlon, are kind, funny, hard-working, and care very highly of every student and member of our community. Contrary to what many think, NJROTC’s main goal, according to Senior Chief Peter Jordan, is to, “Make the youth of America today better citizens”. Overall, he strives for his students to gain self esteem and self confidence because, as he says, “with that, you can accomplish anything life brings your way.”

For those of you who aren’t aware of the 3 core values that NJROTC students go by, they are honor, courage, and commitment. They strive to make every student build their self esteem through these three values.
There are parties after school called ‘Company Day.’ On this day, you and other cadets gather in the gym and you not only play games, but also learn more about your peers.
Currently, there are 116 cadets enrolled in the NJROTC program, and Senior Chief would love for that number to grow. If you are interested, here’s a list of a few things you would be learning in it: Social Sciences, U.S. History, Government, Health, Geography, Nautical Sciences (Oceanography, Meteorology, Astrology). As you can see, NJROTC is a great program that does great things.
Speaking of great things done by NJROTC, this Halloween, they were going to do an event called Halloween for the Hungry. Halloween for the Hungry is where students go around asking for non-perishable items rather than candy, those items were later going to be donated to the Waterboro Food Pantry. This idea was thought up 3 years ago by a previous student of NJROTC and they’ve been doing it since then. But due to the power outage that struck the area, it was not done this year. To make up for this, they may be organizing a food drive instead.
The held a spaghetti dinner on Friday, the 27th of October and they also did a bottle drive. These two events together brought in around  $650.00, which is being added to their fundraising account. As you can see, NJROTC does great things for the community and you could be part of it too!

On Friday, October 27th, 2017, there was a halloween stroll at Waterboro Elementary School. Some of the NJROTC cadets volunteered their time to go and help out the kids and their families and show them where to go. The cadets went early and made sure the children got in and out safely, showed them where to enter and exit the building. Some students also made sure that no one went where they weren’t supposed to go. Parents thanked them for helping out and taking time out of their weekend and Friday night to help the young ones.

Some other things that NJROTC does is open and close Camp Laughing Loon, Wreaths Across America, Memorial Day parades,  security at our home football games, helped during the Apple Festival. They also help out if the school needs it, such as at parent teacher conferences if the parents need help finding a certain classroom.

NJROTC is like another family. Everyone there is close and cares about one another. The students are all kind, and friendly. You don’t have to worry about being judged, or whether or not you are going to fit in, because in this amazing program, everyone looks out for one another. Everyone values your opinion and people don’t make fun of one another. This is the kind of teaching that goes on in NJROTC, for they want every student to become responsible and respectful citizens of the community.

Special thanks to Peter Jordan (Senior Chief) who was kind enough to donate his time to the answering of questions. Thank you!

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  1. I love this article! I like how it talks about what NJROTC does, and how it is not a program to get people into the military. Great article! :)