Wednesday, November 22, 2017

NJROTC Drill Meet at Durfee High School

NJROTC Drill Meet at Durfee High School in Fall River Massachusetts
By Emma Sweeney
Edited by Xander Morley
     On Friday, October 20th, Massabesic High School’s Drill Team left at 8:00 a.m. to go to the Naval base in Rhode Island. Their first stop was at the USS Albacore. Cadets got to go inside of the submarine, and see how small it actually was. Then, they got to watch a video about the Albacore. Afterwards, they all got to go to the gift shop, and purchase souvenirs. The cadets left on the bus to go back to Maine where they would go to an old base where they got to explore the park, and learn about the history of the base. Later on, the cadets got to eat lunch at a nearby playground. Finally, they embarked on a 4 hour drive to Newport, Rhode Island.
USS Albacore, the submarine that cadets got to go in.

Once they arrived at the base, they dropped their gear off in the bunks they were staying in. Cadets went to the Dining Hall for dinner. After they ate, they went to they gym to practice drill for the big meet that took place the next day.  Color Guard, Armed, Unarmed, and NS1’s all practiced until about 8 o’clock. They went back up to the bunks and set up for bed.
The next day, cadets were woken up at five a.m., by the officers yelling and banging on the doors. They had seconds to get out of bed, and be standing outside their door at attention. After that, they went to the Dining Hall for breakfast, and then they got back on a bus to drive to Fall River, Massachusetts. Once they got to Durfee High School, the Drill Team practiced their routines. After getting a motivational speech from their officers, the cadets were ready to compete.
Massabesic’s NJROTC Drill Team

Drill Team, including the PT team

After all of the performances were done, the Individual Drill Regulation(IDR) competition took place. They called out movements, and every single cadet did it. The judges then walked around and told people to sit out if they did it incorrectly. They were extremely picky. If your feet weren't at a 45 degree angle, you were out. If your heels weren’t properly aligned, you were out. Any small imperfection got you removed from the competition. Once it got down to the last ten people, they ended the game. Those people all won a medal that they got to put on their uniform. After IDR, the awards ceremony took place. Massabesic placed 2nd in Academics, 3rd in Armed, and 3rd in inspection. Out of all the schools, Massabesic placed 2nd overall!

Massabesic had a great start to the drill season, and they are looking forward to the rest of the season!

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  1. That was so fun, drill is the best. Great job capturing all the fun we had!!