Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Massabesic Field Hockey

article by Anna Snyder
edited by Izzy Hurlburt 

The MHS field hockey program is a team run by Michele Martin-moore. She has been running this program for 16 years. She states year by year the team is always her first priority. Her program is always growing, not just by players but by family. All her girls treat each other with respect like a family.
The Massabesic High School Field Hockey team was very successful this fall of 2017. The playoffs ended in a hard fought loss in the semifinals against Westbrook. The girls did get revenge on Thornton Academy on Wednesday, October 18, and pulled through with a score of 3-0. They may not have ended their season where they wanted it, they sure worked really hard, and had, and always did have, great teamwork skills. Let’s see what their coach has to say about it: “My ultimate goal, besides the obvious one of being State Champs one day, is to build a program that is a contender year after year, but that also fosters the spirit of camaraderie and allows young women to grow up knowing they can do anything they want if they are willing to work for it. I want the program to teach people that they can make a difference in the lives of others by treating everyone with respect and compassion.
  Teamwork is truly what 'makes the dream work'. No one can accomplish more on their own than they can when they work together, it's crucial to not just the game of FH, but in's essential. What I love most about my teams are the way they treat each other...they don't always get along like best friends  and they are all different individuals,but they are like a family in the fact that they will have each other's back. Each day during the season I get to end my school day surrounded by girls I love like my own children and coaches that I have watched grow up from HS students to incredibly caring, talented, successful young ladies. What more could someone ask? I hope to continue coaching for at least 5 more years...right now that is when I plan to retire from teaching.”

We believe this team has a lot of spirit and heart that will continue to grow stronger as the years go on. Our upperclassman on this team will be missed. They have left a strong impact on this team, and the drive to be a strong team and family will always be there. The upperclassmen have not only been great players, but have been a huge inspiration on what it is to be a successful student athlete. Morgan Pike, a senior captain of the field hockey team, said, “I have made so many memories within the field hockey program here at Massabesic. I have watched the program and myself grow each year, and last year we got to break in the new turf/facility with a successful season, hosting the regional finals as well as being able to compete in them, then advancing all the way to the state championship is something I will never forget. The coaching staff and players within the program are one of a kind, and I am going to miss them all so much!”

   Varsity Breast Cancer Awareness game against Sanford at the Massabesic stadium.

We believe the field hockey team is a great sport and family for anyone. It is a great community and environment that will surely continue from year to year. You will experience great connections with people as the season goes making highschool even better. Kaylee St. Laurent, a three time field hockey varsity athlete, states, “Even though our season ended earlier than we would have liked, we played a very skilled team and I am so proud of how our team battled until the end. As a senior I am so sad to be leaving the team that I love so much.”  
In the future you could possibly experience going into regionals or even states. The point is, that field hockey is a family, and family is forever.


  1. What a great article about how Field Hockey means so much more than just the sport itself but also a way to create a community so tight that they all consider themselves family. I personally have so much respect for coaches because they truly touch people's lives and teach skills that will stay with the students throughout their lives. Great job team!

  2. Proud to be their coach...this article captured the essence of what we try to achieve. Well written!

  3. Kudos to Massabesic Field Hockey's outstanding work ethic, commitment to self and others, winning record over the years, and strong seasons ahead for us to look forward to with pride.