Wednesday, November 8, 2017

How Technology is Changing the World

article by Destiny Doucette
edited by Hailey Kamenides

Hi, I am Destiny Doucette from Massabesic High School. Information in this article is going to try to make you more aware of how technology has really changed the world. Also how quickly it’s increasing in both good and bad ways.  

As we walk through the halls at school, phones are all around us; social media is all around us. Most kids revolve around it, half of the kids in school can’t even go a full period without checking their phones. In just a few minutes of the iPhone X being released, it was already sold out. In modern day, technology is everywhere and the demand for it is high. Technology has changed the world, for the better and worse.  How it has changed the world for the better is that people can use it for good uses like help on homework or to call for help when in trouble. How this has changed the world for the worse is that lots of people will use their phone to cyber bully people, and prank call people which isn't right thing to use it for.

         Technology now is being used for social media, which has brought cyberbullying into the world. Out of the 69% of teens that have laptops and phones 80% of them have a social media account. But because of the amount of social media being used in a terrible way, almost 4,500 kids commit suicide because they are being cyberbullied. So why is this happening? Because most kids say bullying behind a screen is easier than bullying in person, which is not how social media should be used. So is technology changing the world for the better? Almost 4,500 kids have died because of it, and is being used for the wrong reasons. The answer to this question would be no and that should be easy to realize.
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  1. Technology is here to stay. Let's continue to encourage all to make the choice to use technology in responsible and helpful ways, and address when it is not. See something uncool? Say something or tell someone that can help.