Wednesday, November 22, 2017

High School Drama

High School Drama
By Trevor Beals and Brady Cormier
Edited By Elizabeth Goodrich
(School Life)
    To this day, drama plays a huge role in the everyday life of many schools. It is very easy to find at least one student upset with high school drama daily. Things like high school cliques or stereotypes are literally tearing schools apart. When I say drama, I don’t mean the drama club, I mean the everyday social and emotional incidents such as relationship troubles, fights, rumors, etc. Drama is the cause of many problems in society today, that’s why it’s called “drama.” People to this day find that it's fine to play with different people’s emotions and feelings. This is not okay, and people need to understand the severity of the drama subject. Drama can be the cause of many health problems including depression, which can lead to things like suicide. As freshmen students here at Massabesic High School, we have already experienced great amounts of drama, that have affected us emotionally and personally. This drama needs to end. We along with our peers have found that drama is the main cause of distraction when doing things like school work.
     Drama is well known for giving many people anxiety, which leads to problems later on down the road. Anxiety is the biggest cause of depression, and too many people are leaving their school with lots of anxiety. Whether this anxiety is caused by school work, sports, social life, etc., drama puts added weight on many people who really don't need. Studies from show that it is very easy for younger people, such as teens, to undergo depression. Drama is created from people that have different views on relationships, arguments, politics, and other controversial issues. It is almost guaranteed that the person that is next to you right now has been having some recent drama issues. We personally know that this statement is very true for us at the moment.
     The drama needs to stop! It needs to be controlled before it gets out of hand. Teens are unfortunately taking their lives everyday due to high school drama. Not only does drama affect people like teenagers in high school, but it can be very effective for many adults as well. If we had a world that was almost completely drama-free, we all know that life would go a lot more smoothly as many of people’s thoughts and feeling would be saved.
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  1. Wow thanks for sharing your insight on these issues. Great pictures, too!