Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Culture Club

article by Emma Snyder and Ryan Castonguay
edited by Izzy Hurlburt

Screenshot 2017-10-27 at 8.11.23 AM.pngDo you want to learn about the world and go on fun trips? 
If you answered, "Yes!", then the Massabesic Culture Club is the club for you. Anyone grade 9-12 is allowed to join. The main focus of the group is to volunteer in the community while learning about different cultures. Another fun activity the group does is to put together the high school talent show. The Culture Club is great experience for all!
There are some great opportunities to see the east coast with Culture Club. One of the trips this year takes place in the winter. The group will take a train ride to Boston. In Boston, the group plans to explore the city, finding what makes Boston’s culture different from Massabesic’s culture. Another trip we plan to go on this year is a bus ride to New York City - The Big Apple, The City of Dreams. In New York, the group plans to do the same as in Boston: explore and compare cultures. The club also does big trips every two years. Last year the group went to Paris over April vacation. Next year, the club plans to go to England. While having to pay for these trips, for a very discounted price, it is well worth it to see the world and what it holds within.
Anyone can join, there are only three requirements: The first is commitment is to go to all of the meetings. The second is you have to fund-raise for the club. The last is you have to be willing to serve in the community. All provide great experiences, as well as activities to put on college applications.
          So, if any of these things seem interesting to you, consider becoming a part of our group! You will surely not regret it and will make so many memories from your 4 years of Culture Club!

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