Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Cell Phone Policies

article by Erin Partridge
edited by Izabella Caruolo

As many of us know, we are able to pull out our cell phones at any given moment, unless a teacher says otherwise. We use our phones in between classes, in classes, and even at lunch. Some teachers are saying that the policies might change, that there should be no reason our cell phones should be out throughout the school day. Others say it’s an excellent resource for us and it can give us quick access to the tools we need. The big argument is while people are on their phones, they are not using them as resources or tools, they are going onto social media. But as of right now no changes to cell phone rules have been made.. 
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Since most kids are using it for social media, there is some inappropriate use happening. Snapchats with pages dedicated to making fun of people, arguing about controversial topics, or spreading rumors are among the types of ways social media can be used harmfully. Some people find it a harmless joke to post these things, but they contribute to some of these chats and promote a culture of insults. Even though it may seem harmless to the person posting, in other people’s eyes, it may not be.Image result for rumor significado
Our generation is surrounded by technology, most think it’s good because we have so many more resources. But some think it’s bad, because of the online drama. If we allow ourselves to have a positive impact by the technology we are given, we wouldn’t have to worry about phone policies. Let’s have a great year of positive interactions over the internet!Image result for smiley clipart

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