Wednesday, October 4, 2017

MHS Homecoming Football Game.

By Jacob And Luc Beaulieu
Edited By Trevor Beals, Brady Cormier, and Andrew Holmquist
(MHS Sports)

    On September 29th, 2017, Massabesic High School had its homecoming football game. Unfortunately Massabesic was badly defeated by Edward Little from Auburn, with a score of thirty-six to zero. Even though the Mustangs lost this game, it was a great opportunity for many freshmen to see their first homecoming game and experience the excitement firsthand. Many students this year said that even though the Mustangs lost, they still had a great experience. You could sure tell that our team and fans had a huge amount of Mustang pride and spirit that night.
    In the first quarter of the game Edward Little scored two touchdowns and a two-point conversion giving them a fifteen point lead over Massabesic, who had yet to score any points at all. Sadly, Edward Little scored two more touchdowns in the second quarter of the game. Although the did miss the extra point during one play, they still held a twenty-eight point lead over Massabesic who, again, failed to score. In the second half of the game, Edward Little scored only one touchdown during the third quarter with a two-point conversion bringing their score up to thirty-six. The final score was thirty-six for Edward Little and zero for Massabesic.
    On the field, the game was rough, Massabesic lost, and also, player number one, Owen Roberts, took a hard hit around the end of the game. Unfortunately we were not able to interview him, but we do hope that he is alright. The Massabesic player of the game was by far number twelve Isaac Desvergnes who switched from being a wide receiver to quarterback towards the end of the game.
    Sadly, the Mustangs lost this game pretty badly, but there is still plenty of time left in the season for them to pull off a win. Massabesic’s next game is against Bonny Eagle High School, on October 6th. Let’s hope that they’re victorious!!!!






  1. Excellent pictures and a hopeful attitude!

  2. Very nice! Also, Owen Roberts does have a concession, so that's too bad, but this was a good article about the game.

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  4. Dear Writers,

    You are informed about your topic and delivered it well, however, there are still some things that should have been revised in editing. The repetition of transition phrases, such as "sadly" and "unfortunately", makes the story feel weaker overall. In addition, throughout the article there were several minute spelling errors that went undetected by your editors. Lastly, the tone of the piece failed to remain consistent, so that the second paragraph juxtaposed every other (sad/unfortunate vs. hopeful). However, as previously stated, the article itself was an overall success, and I appreciated the hopeful close for your readers. Good luck to you in the future.


    Mustang Stampede Patron