Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Massabesic Spirit Week

By Rachael Bonia & Xander Morley
Edited By Cassidy Morrell
(School Life)

Spirit week for most schools is a time to have fun, and celebrate school and the beginning of the new school year. You can dress up and be silly, yet you are still supporting the school. Spirit week is a part of Homecoming week, which includes sports games, grade competitions, pep rallies, spirit week, and whole lot more fun!
Monday was the first day of MHS Spirit Week! The theme was “Sleeping Beauty” PJ Day. So many people were thrilled to stay in their PJ’s all day, and some people even took it a step further and put crazy onesies on that made them look really funny. People seemed to be all about the idea of wearing pjs to school!

Tuesday was a big and exciting day for people because it was “Monsters University” College Gear Day, which gave everyone an excuse to wear their college jerseys and support their sports teams or colleges. Throughout the whole school you could find people wearing college gear. Some people just wore their school jerseys, which is still supporting a school.
Wednesday was the third spirit day of the week. The theme for that day was Superheroes, “The Incredibles!” Most spirit week days were based off of Disney characters. Many people dressed up with capes or other sorts of outfits to show their superhero spirit. Most of them were cool, all were awesome! As you can see from the photo(s) below, they were very enthusiastic about dressing up to represent their superheroes.
Thursday was the fourth day of Spirit week. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum got their own spirit day, Twin day! You could twin with anyone of your choice for outfits, appearance, etc. Whatever you could use to match with someone, you were allowed to do. Many people matched with someone that day, and a couple of teacher dressed up to look like the Spice Girls! They were one one of the best dressers on Thursday. Normally, students will match t-shirts, pants, and shoes.


Friday was “Peter Pan/TinkerBell” Green and White Day. Everyone dressed up in their green and white to show school spirit! To add to it, there was a pep rally the same day at the end of the school day. We all sure showed school spirit, if you were there you probably know what we’re talking about. It was very similar to Tuesday because it was mostly all school spirit rather than people from Neverland. People didn’t really dress up for Peter Pan as much as anticipated, but you can’t win them all, folks.

Photography: Xander Morley

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  1. This was a very well thought out article! I liked that you included pictures, and described everything that happened. Nicely done.