Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Loco Ho-co Hallways!

Written by Cassidy Morrell, Bailey Baldwin, Angelli Bishop, and Kaylei Coughlin. Edited by Cassidy

The exciting afternoon at Massabesic High school, on a hot Thursday of September 28, consisted of many students of each grade coming together to create and display creative works of disney-themed art that were placed in different hallways of the school. The freshman’s theme was Moana, sophomores was Monsters Inc, juniors was Peter Pan, and our seniors was Alice in Wonderland. All four grades each demonstrated beautiful creations, and spent over 3+ hours devoting their time and energy into this fun-filled event.
There were a few requirements for each hallway, and all of them were very creative. Each grade had a “grab bag” full of random items that we had to incorporate into their hallway. For example, the freshmen had orange balloons, a rubber glove, paper plates, and golf balls! Teams  also had to make sure that the name of every kid in the grade was present in some way. In the freshman hallway, they placed the names on fish, sophomores put them on different “monsters,” juniors wrote them on stars and hung them, and finally, the seniors put them on individual cards, and strung them along a wall. This task was a bit challenging, but they all managed to find a way to complete it!
The freshman chose the theme of Moana. They stayed after for four days ranging from 8 to 16 hours spent on these designs. As you approach the Moana hallway, there are very elegant, dangling green and white streamers. As you continue to walk down the hall there is a large Teka design on the wall, a flower design that reads 2021, for the year they all graduate, a Giant golden and purple crab, a life size raft, a glowing waterfall, kaka moras, palm trees, lights, and a life size Moana. Overall the freshman put much effort and time into this design.
The seniors chose the theme of Alice in Wonderland. Hours of hard work were spent creating this marvelous event, and all throughout their were displays of detailed art and decorations. When you first approach the hallway there is a keyhole entrance that lets you see inside, as if you’re in the eyes of the character Alice. As you walk in, all along the hall walls are sheets of colors, along with pages from books, individual cards with the seniors’ names on them, Cheshire Cat, posters that name the clubs and sports that some of them participate in, and much more. But not only were the walls decorated, but there was even a tea party, with mushrooms, the Mad Hatter’s hat, the Castle of hearts, and many, many more exciting Alice in Wonderland references.
The Juniors, chose the theme of Peter Pan, located in the main hallway. The juniors did an amazing job by making sure that their hallway was action packed. They made sure to have some students actually dress up as some creatures from Peter Pan like the mermaids, which there was a student with a mermaid tail casually laying on the ground as a part of the set, and another student wearing a wolf themed headpiece! The juniors even went as a far as having a mini, white hut in their hallway. Overall, they definitely made sure to use every inch of hallway space they had, and did a really great job with their chosen theme.
The sophomores prepared a wonderful Monsters Inc. theme for their hallway, and it was filled with wonderful creations of the movie’s characters. Their handcrafted work was amazing and it displayed much effort into their hall. The big blue monster, Sully, was perfectly painted on a wood silhouette and the doors that hung from ceiling were each drawn to a great scale and a perfect resemblance to the movie. Overall, the tenth graders produced quality work and did a great job.
Further on, during the homecoming Pep Rally announcements were made on who had won the Hallway Decorating Competition. In fourth place we have the sophomores with the theme of Monsters Inc., third place was won by the Juniors with Peter Pan, second place was achieved by the freshmen with Moana, and lastly, our graduating seniors took first place with the theme of Alice and Wonderland.
To finalize, the pure effort and hard work was reflected among the Massabesic Hallway. This was one of the best ways to show great school spirit; learning how to work through problems with others, strategizing efficiently and using good communication skills to reach their goals. The outcome was excellent and the competition was a very close call. As incoming freshmen, we couldn’t be more excited for next year’s homecoming, and all the ones after it. 0929170707a.jpgIMG_0465.JPGIMG_0458.JPGIMG_0157.JPG


  1. Thank you for describing each hallway and acknowledging everyone's effort. I travel to different schools and missed seeing the hallways this year so I'm delighted to see them the writers' eyes.

  2. The hallways looked great! Thank you for sharing.