Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Massabesic Spirit Week

By Rachael Bonia & Xander Morley
Edited By Cassidy Morrell
(School Life)

Spirit week for most schools is a time to have fun, and celebrate school and the beginning of the new school year. You can dress up and be silly, yet you are still supporting the school. Spirit week is a part of Homecoming week, which includes sports games, grade competitions, pep rallies, spirit week, and whole lot more fun!
Monday was the first day of MHS Spirit Week! The theme was “Sleeping Beauty” PJ Day. So many people were thrilled to stay in their PJ’s all day, and some people even took it a step further and put crazy onesies on that made them look really funny. People seemed to be all about the idea of wearing pjs to school!

Tuesday was a big and exciting day for people because it was “Monsters University” College Gear Day, which gave everyone an excuse to wear their college jerseys and support their sports teams or colleges. Throughout the whole school you could find people wearing college gear. Some people just wore their school jerseys, which is still supporting a school.
Wednesday was the third spirit day of the week. The theme for that day was Superheroes, “The Incredibles!” Most spirit week days were based off of Disney characters. Many people dressed up with capes or other sorts of outfits to show their superhero spirit. Most of them were cool, all were awesome! As you can see from the photo(s) below, they were very enthusiastic about dressing up to represent their superheroes.
Thursday was the fourth day of Spirit week. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum got their own spirit day, Twin day! You could twin with anyone of your choice for outfits, appearance, etc. Whatever you could use to match with someone, you were allowed to do. Many people matched with someone that day, and a couple of teacher dressed up to look like the Spice Girls! They were one one of the best dressers on Thursday. Normally, students will match t-shirts, pants, and shoes.


Friday was “Peter Pan/TinkerBell” Green and White Day. Everyone dressed up in their green and white to show school spirit! To add to it, there was a pep rally the same day at the end of the school day. We all sure showed school spirit, if you were there you probably know what we’re talking about. It was very similar to Tuesday because it was mostly all school spirit rather than people from Neverland. People didn’t really dress up for Peter Pan as much as anticipated, but you can’t win them all, folks.

Photography: Xander Morley

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Loco Ho-co Hallways!

Written by Cassidy Morrell, Bailey Baldwin, Angelli Bishop, and Kaylei Coughlin. Edited by Cassidy

The exciting afternoon at Massabesic High school, on a hot Thursday of September 28, consisted of many students of each grade coming together to create and display creative works of disney-themed art that were placed in different hallways of the school. The freshman’s theme was Moana, sophomores was Monsters Inc, juniors was Peter Pan, and our seniors was Alice in Wonderland. All four grades each demonstrated beautiful creations, and spent over 3+ hours devoting their time and energy into this fun-filled event.
There were a few requirements for each hallway, and all of them were very creative. Each grade had a “grab bag” full of random items that we had to incorporate into their hallway. For example, the freshmen had orange balloons, a rubber glove, paper plates, and golf balls! Teams  also had to make sure that the name of every kid in the grade was present in some way. In the freshman hallway, they placed the names on fish, sophomores put them on different “monsters,” juniors wrote them on stars and hung them, and finally, the seniors put them on individual cards, and strung them along a wall. This task was a bit challenging, but they all managed to find a way to complete it!
The freshman chose the theme of Moana. They stayed after for four days ranging from 8 to 16 hours spent on these designs. As you approach the Moana hallway, there are very elegant, dangling green and white streamers. As you continue to walk down the hall there is a large Teka design on the wall, a flower design that reads 2021, for the year they all graduate, a Giant golden and purple crab, a life size raft, a glowing waterfall, kaka moras, palm trees, lights, and a life size Moana. Overall the freshman put much effort and time into this design.
The seniors chose the theme of Alice in Wonderland. Hours of hard work were spent creating this marvelous event, and all throughout their were displays of detailed art and decorations. When you first approach the hallway there is a keyhole entrance that lets you see inside, as if you’re in the eyes of the character Alice. As you walk in, all along the hall walls are sheets of colors, along with pages from books, individual cards with the seniors’ names on them, Cheshire Cat, posters that name the clubs and sports that some of them participate in, and much more. But not only were the walls decorated, but there was even a tea party, with mushrooms, the Mad Hatter’s hat, the Castle of hearts, and many, many more exciting Alice in Wonderland references.
The Juniors, chose the theme of Peter Pan, located in the main hallway. The juniors did an amazing job by making sure that their hallway was action packed. They made sure to have some students actually dress up as some creatures from Peter Pan like the mermaids, which there was a student with a mermaid tail casually laying on the ground as a part of the set, and another student wearing a wolf themed headpiece! The juniors even went as a far as having a mini, white hut in their hallway. Overall, they definitely made sure to use every inch of hallway space they had, and did a really great job with their chosen theme.
The sophomores prepared a wonderful Monsters Inc. theme for their hallway, and it was filled with wonderful creations of the movie’s characters. Their handcrafted work was amazing and it displayed much effort into their hall. The big blue monster, Sully, was perfectly painted on a wood silhouette and the doors that hung from ceiling were each drawn to a great scale and a perfect resemblance to the movie. Overall, the tenth graders produced quality work and did a great job.
Further on, during the homecoming Pep Rally announcements were made on who had won the Hallway Decorating Competition. In fourth place we have the sophomores with the theme of Monsters Inc., third place was won by the Juniors with Peter Pan, second place was achieved by the freshmen with Moana, and lastly, our graduating seniors took first place with the theme of Alice and Wonderland.
To finalize, the pure effort and hard work was reflected among the Massabesic Hallway. This was one of the best ways to show great school spirit; learning how to work through problems with others, strategizing efficiently and using good communication skills to reach their goals. The outcome was excellent and the competition was a very close call. As incoming freshmen, we couldn’t be more excited for next year’s homecoming, and all the ones after it. 0929170707a.jpgIMG_0465.JPGIMG_0458.JPGIMG_0157.JPG

Last Minute Madness: A Homecoming Horror Story

By Elizabeth Goodrich
Edited by Emma Sweeney

My heart raced as I ran around the mall in pursuit of the perfect dress. Just 20 minutes before, I was getting off the ice, ending my hockey game with a loss in overtime. As someone with little to no free time and a rancor for shopping, it was no surprise I had waited until the very last minute to get my dress. Now, with the dance a little over two hours away, I was in a frenzy.
Frantically, I paced through the concourse of the mall, scanning through the stores for the ideal homecoming dress while my mom trailed close behind, barely able to keep up with my stride. My hope began to fade as we neared the end of the mall, still without a dress. We had one store left; Macy’s, and I prayed they would have what I was looking for. I dashed through the aisles, coming close to a sprint until finally we reached the dress section. I stood there in awe admiring all of the beautiful dresses before grabbing a few in my size and heading to the dressing room. There, I spent a good 20 minutes trying on, comparing, and re-trying on dresses until finally I settled for a simple-fitted white dress with a sparkle-embroidered upper half and a light, flowy skirt perfect for dancing in. Without delay, we scampered to the cash register and checked out. I left the store feeling accomplished by my purchase and eager to spend the rest of the night in my brand new dress.
My excitement was short-lived, however, when I got back into the car and looked at the clock on dashboard, realizing it was already 5:30! At this point, I began to panic. How on earth was I supposed to get home, get ready, and eat dinner all within an hour and 20 minutes? My mom, who sensed my unease, told me everything was going to be ok and assured me we’d make it home in time, though I can’t say I believed her. At this point, it felt as if the whole world was against me. Every stoplight we came to turned red, every intersection became busy when we arrived, and we got caught in traffic more times than I could count. Nonetheless, we made it home by 6:25, leaving me approximately 25 minutes to shower, eat dinner, do my hair and nails, and get to the dance. No pressure.
As soon as I got inside, I dashed into the bathroom, setting a new record for world’s fastest shower. After washing up, I got into my dress and put my hair up in a simple braided bun, abandoning my original hair plans that would have taken more time than I had to spare. On my way out the door, I scarfed down my dinner; a turkey and cheese sandwich.
Fortunately, I live close to the school, so I didn’t have to worry about a long drive. In the car, I finished painting my nails and put on all of my jewelry. When we finally arrived at the school, I met up with my friends and we got in line to get into the event.

At last, I made my way into the dance, no more than a few minutes late, the stress of the past few hours easing away as the gym doors shut behind me. I spent the rest of the evening dancing with friends, eating yummy baked goods, and having a great time.

MHS Homecoming Football Game.

By Jacob And Luc Beaulieu
Edited By Trevor Beals, Brady Cormier, and Andrew Holmquist
(MHS Sports)

    On September 29th, 2017, Massabesic High School had its homecoming football game. Unfortunately Massabesic was badly defeated by Edward Little from Auburn, with a score of thirty-six to zero. Even though the Mustangs lost this game, it was a great opportunity for many freshmen to see their first homecoming game and experience the excitement firsthand. Many students this year said that even though the Mustangs lost, they still had a great experience. You could sure tell that our team and fans had a huge amount of Mustang pride and spirit that night.
    In the first quarter of the game Edward Little scored two touchdowns and a two-point conversion giving them a fifteen point lead over Massabesic, who had yet to score any points at all. Sadly, Edward Little scored two more touchdowns in the second quarter of the game. Although the did miss the extra point during one play, they still held a twenty-eight point lead over Massabesic who, again, failed to score. In the second half of the game, Edward Little scored only one touchdown during the third quarter with a two-point conversion bringing their score up to thirty-six. The final score was thirty-six for Edward Little and zero for Massabesic.
    On the field, the game was rough, Massabesic lost, and also, player number one, Owen Roberts, took a hard hit around the end of the game. Unfortunately we were not able to interview him, but we do hope that he is alright. The Massabesic player of the game was by far number twelve Isaac Desvergnes who switched from being a wide receiver to quarterback towards the end of the game.
    Sadly, the Mustangs lost this game pretty badly, but there is still plenty of time left in the season for them to pull off a win. Massabesic’s next game is against Bonny Eagle High School, on October 6th. Let’s hope that they’re victorious!!!!





Homecoming Dance 2017

By Emma Sweeney
Edited by Elizabeth Goodrich
(School Life)

The Homecoming Dance at Massabesic High School took place on Saturday, September 30th, in the West Gym, from 7-10 p.m. When you first walked into the building, you were swarmed by people all trying to get into the dance. After you made it through the mob of well-dressed high schoolers, you were then greeted by a teacher who took your dance ticket. Once you made it past the teachers, there was a small hallway that had lots of decorations left over from the hallway decorating contest. There were props from Monsters Inc., Moana, Alice in Wonderland, and Peter Pan. At the dance, there was a variety of snacks for you to munch on. They had cupcakes, cookies, popcorn, chips, and pretzels. In addition, each attendee was given two free bottles of water.
A decoration from the Monsters Inc. Hallway, along with some snacks.

You could hear the popular music blaring from the gym, and you could feel the bass from the loudspeakers. When you entered the gym, it was dark except for colorful laser and strobe lights that illuminated the area. If you weren’t blinded by the lights shining directly into your eyes, you could see students dancing. There was a large group of people by the speakers dancing and singing along to the music. Lots of friends met up, and they danced and hung out together.
In order from left to right: Emma Sweeney, Zoe Seward, Xander Morley, Annabelle Deveau

For my first Homecoming Dance, I will say that it was a lot of fun, and I’m glad I went. I got to dress up, and hang out with my friends. As a freshman, I was nervous that there would be lots of seniors there, and they would be intimidating, but I had a great time and did a lot of dancing! I would recommend everyone goes to Homecoming next year.