Friday, June 2, 2017

Zero Waste

Written by: Cam Goodrich
Edited by: Colby Cole
The zero waste program at our schools are used in multiple ways. The middle school has a zero waste program for food waste where they separate composting materials, recyclables and returnables which all go towards the composting program they have. In the high school, students such as myself volunteer their advisory to go class to class collecting the recyclables and returnable to help make our school a greener place. It's a great opportunity for people looking to get some community service hours as every week you get half an hour of community service. These programs are great opportunities for young people help brighten their school and give back to the schools that they have gone to. As a part of this program, I truly believe that it is a good cause and suggest that people who need some community service hours should try it out as it's during the school day and capable for you to do around a work and school schedule. If you are interested in volunteering for zero waste see Mrs. Sawyer or email her at 


  1. I hope this program continues to grow. Thank you for getting the word out!

  2. Happy to see students bringing this to the high school level! More can be done. Thank you to Mrs. Sawyer and students for taking on the zero waste initiative.