Friday, June 2, 2017

The Building Switch

Written by: Kassidy Lang and Amber Arsenault
Edited by: Savannah Burke

         The District of RSU57 has released the idea and are proceeding in moving the freshmen into the West Building thus having the juniors and seniors move to the East (old junior high) this coming school year, 2017-2018. The switch is due to transitional problems throughout the school day, and it is believed that by moving the freshmen into the West they will be better monitored and less apt to be irresponsible. This poses many problems for teachers and students by having only freshmen and sophomores in the West and all the upperclassmen moved to the East. The juniors and seniors can drive, and most of them have vehicles they drive to school everyday. The student parking lot, located behind the west building, is the designated place for students to park. If the juniors and seniors are in the East for all of their classes they are not close to their cars, so they will have to park their cars at the west in the morning and walk over to the east for classes and then at the end of the day they have to walk back to their cars again. This will be very redundant, especially in the winter months. Another thing, is that the custodians will be spend a lot of time this summer moving all the teachers stuff into their new rooms. A positive outcome of this switch of buildings is that the freshmen will be monitored better and won't have to walk around as much during their first year, resulting in fewer cases of tardies and skipped classes.
   After conducting interviews with many of the students we found that many dislike the change in buildings. Junior Nick Merry, is going into his senior year next year, and he shared his thoughts on the move with us. “During the time spent in the past few years at MHS, there have been a number of inconvenient changes to the curriculum, and way the school works. The switching of the buildings would be added to the list of those inconveniences.” One of the most common concerns the students had was the parking lot problem. The student parking lot is on the other side of the school. “The parking lot will stay the same, so juniors and seniors that want to drive to school, or have early dismissal or late arrival, would have to walk to and from the east over to the student parking lot, located on the far side of the west building.”(Juniors Taylor Semo, Nick Merry, Issiac Hooper). Another problem that will be faced is that it will be “too crowded” and there will be “a lot of hassle” trying to move everyone (Juniors Jarrod Hooper and Drew Labbe).
    Many interviews were made with sophomores that are going to be juniors this coming year. We interviewed Ali Ryan to see how she felt about the move. This year she is a sophomore and next year she will be a junior. All juniors next year will be moving to the East Building.
How do you feel about the move to the other building?
“I’m not overly excited about moving buildings. Most juniors drive to school, and with me having my license, I’m not to excited about having my car be all the way across campus, but it is doable. Overall, I believe access to certain things for upperclassmen will be deprived from them during the most important years of high school”.
Do you think it’s a good or bad change?
“I do not see this change as a good thing for numerous reasons. Conflict is always going to happen, and there is a better way to deal with it than this method.”
Do you think it’s necessary?
“I do not think this is necessary, and I believe there are other situations the school can come up with than this. I’m sure the facility will have good insight and idea’s that will help direct them.”
We interviewed Jeffery Waters to see how he felt about the move. How do you feel about the move to the other building?
“I am alright with the move, but I do not find it necessary. I honestly feel like it is just going to make everything be chaotic next year, for the teachers are swapping places; except for the sophomore/science teachers. It might help for the walk to Wellness, for the average student in Wellness is either a Freshman or Sophomore. There are ups and downs in the switch, but I think that this is an unimportant change, similar to other changes that are being made.”
We interviewed Katie Castle to see how she felt about the move: How do you feel about the move to the other building?
“I feel that the move is really stupid because if they are trying to control the classes of 2020 & 2021 then moving them to a bigger building with more hiding spaces is not the move to make.
Do you think it’s a good or bad change?
“I think the move of the 2018 & 2019 classes to the east is a bad change because over the year we've gotten more students; and my freshman year they could barely fit 1 class in the building now they want to add 2? Um I think there's an issue there.”
Do you think it’s necessary?
“I don't think it's necessary because the whole point of the East building after it wasn't the middle school anymore was to get the incoming Freshman used to high school, so I really don't understand what the point and the administration's logic is with this drastic change.”
Not all MHS people think the move is a bad idea. Freshman English teacher Mark Mercier has said that he thinks the move will benefit freshmen in the long-term. "Any change presents short-term inconvenience, as the switch certainly will. However, freshman, more than any other group, have trouble locating essential locations in the West, such as the main office and guidance. The switch will allow them to be in a centralized location when they are getting used to layout of the new (to them) school." As a teacher, he says the change is necessary due to the alarming increase in students skipping class or being late, or failing to report to advisory tags. He hopes having the freshman in the West will make those problems decrease, and give the freshman 1 less thing to worry about.

Below is a copy of the principal's memo from April announcing the change:

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 8.24.11 AM.png


  1. Thank you for this piece! Feel free in the future to reach out to an administrator to hear more about why such a decision is made.

  2. Glad the Mustang Stampede is a place for views to be expressed appropriately! Kudos for maintaining a sense of respect and well-being while representing a variety of perspectives in a well-written piece. Using one's voice effectively and productively is an important life-long skill at all ages in all situations. Thank you!