Monday, June 19, 2017

Senior Year!

By Emily Morin
Edited By Trie Yale
School Life

    Senior Year can be an exciting and emotional time for a lot of people. Leaving family members, friends moving away, going off to college, and leaving the school that helped you on this journey. Senior year can be different for everybody, and the road to that special year is also very different. Some people have many different expectations of what senior year will be like. Some say they want to get all their credits done so they barely have to go to school, others say it will be the hardest year of all. So that is why I have decided to interview some seniors to see what their year was like.
     One student I interviewed is Aspen Reinauer, a senior here at Massabesic. Asking her what her senior year like at MHS, she responded, “Senior year was the best year that I've had so far. It was the time of being the "top dog", full of confidence.” She also mentioned, “Though, it was also the time of nervous jitters with each "last this" and "last that". I truly can't believe that it's over. I wish that I could do it all again so that I could relive those precious moments that I never realized were so important until now.” She, like all we hope to do, embodied the school spirit and took her last year round by storm. I also asked her if she had any advice or anything she wished she'd known when she was a freshmen, for next years incoming freshmen and underclassmen, “My advice to incoming freshmen would be to embrace your true self. In the end, all that matters is that YOU enjoyed high school.”

    Dawn Fusilo, another senior at Massabesic High School said, “Don't be shy, go out and try new things because you'll never know whether or not you like something unless you try it. Cherish the good moments.” Describing her senior year Dawn said it was a, “roller coaster ride.” Which pretty much sums up almost everybody’s experience in high school. So like these girls said, senior year can have some ups, some downs, but the memories you make here will last forever. “Slow down and don't try to rush things, just live in the moment. BAM nailed it!” Says Dawn.

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