Friday, June 2, 2017

NJROTC Awards Ceremony

Article by Keara Galbraith

Towards the end of every school year, Massabesic’s NJROTC company has their awards ceremony. This year, the ceremony was on Friday, May 12. This ceremony involves awards being given to both cadets and the unit, cadets being ranked up, and the reveal of the company's new company commander (CO) and executive officer (XO). In fact, the ceremony is when the command is passed from the former officers to the new.
Since the awards ceremony is all about how the previous year went and the achievements of the cadets, the former CO, Mikaela Callahan, and the former XO, Katelynn Rosa, were both interviewed about how they think the previous year went. Rosa, the former executive officer said, “I feel great about everything that we accomplished this year! I am definitely going to miss what we do, miss everyone, and being apart of NJROTC. All in all, it was an excellent year and I don't think that I would change anything about it.” When the former company commander Callahan was asked the same question, her answer was quite similar– “This past year was a huge success; one of the best in at least four years. The enthusiasm and charisma of the cadets really brought the unit to new levels of achievement.”

The other thing that the former CO and XO were asked about was how they feel the next year will go with the change of command they both made it clear that they had high hopes for the upcoming year and new leadership of CO Zoé Petit and XO Andrew Cotton. “As a team they will be able to accomplish a lot and do a lot. I think as a team they will be able to accomplish what they want to and have an excellent year,” said Rosa. Callahan said, “I think the new year will go great with the new CO and XO! They are fresh and ready to take on the challenge, and I am confident they will meet all standards with flying colors.” The standards are high for the upcoming NJROTC leaders, but no one has any doubt that they will be outstanding at their job.

From left to right: CO Zoe Petit, XO Andrew Cotton, and Senior Chief Peter Jordan

Being the awards ceremony, many awards were given as well. In fact, “95 to 99% of cadets received awards” (Senior Chief Peter Jordan). However, there were a few awards that were for one or two cadets who excelled in an area or deserved special recognition for their acts. The following is a list of the awards given to specific cadets for their achievements in the unit.
Massabesic Lions Club Youth      
Recognition Award
Zoé Petit
Andrew Cotton

Honor Cadets
NS1- Keara Galbraith
NS2- Sofie Irons
NS3- Zoé Petit
NS4- Mikaela Callahan

Distinguished Cadets
NS1- Keara Galbraith
NS2- Ivalani Callahan
NS3- Katelynn Rosa
NS4- Mikaela Callahan

Zoé Petit
Brendan Byther
Sebastian Mills

Daughters of the American Revolution
Zoé Petit

Sons of the American Revolution
Maxwell Sweeney

Military Order of World Wars
Andrew Cotton

Military Order of the Purple Heart
Zoé Petit

Noncommissioned Officers
Maxwell Sweeney

Scottish Rite Masonic
Ivalani Calhan

Military Officers Association
Keara Galbraith

American Legion Military
Micah Okusko
Elizabeth Brown
Montana Moore

American Legion Scholastic
Savannah Burke
Andrew Ireland
Sofie Irons

National Sojourners
Andrew Cloutier

Sarah Doyle

American Veterans
Michael O’Clair

Navy Youth Medal
Katelynn Rosa
Holden Scott

Surface Navy Association
Kayleen Turner
Andrew Cotton

Congratulations to these cadets who worked so hard during this past year in NJROTC!


  1. Thank you Mikaela Callahan and Katelynn for doing such an amazing job! You both will be missed. You left the program in good hands however. I look forward to watching the program continue under the leadership of Zoe and Andrew.

  2. What a great venue for learning more about all the offerings at MHS!