Friday, June 2, 2017

Memorial Day Parades

Written by: Elizabeth Bates-Torrey
Edited by: Savannah Burke

    On Monday, May 29th, Memorial Day, Massabesic’s NJROTC program and the Massabesic band program marched in a few parades: Alfred, Limerick, and Lyman. Unfortunately the weather was not very nice that day, but they made due, and did an amazing job. At each location there was a ceremony contributed to veterans that have served, and are from that town. They also said what memorial day is about, and why we have it. At the end of each ceremony, one or two people placed a wreath on the ground in dedication to a fallen soldier. The band played three different songs, Armed Forces, America The Beautiful, and The Star Spangled Banner. Anastasia Vermette sang the Star Spangled Banner in the Limerick parade, and Noah Gallant played Taps. It was a great way to show our appreciation for everyone who has served our country. Everyone who saw the parade was very impressed. Mia Skowronski, a freshman at Massabesic High School, said, “I think we did great. We only had to work a few class periods on the songs themselves and one block was dedicated to marching, so it didn't take too long for us to learn the songs. As for fun, it was as fun as it could possibly be when you spend the day out in the cold and rain, but it was worth the honor of our veterans.” In conclusion, the audience enjoyed it, and it was fun for the people in the parade, and it was probably a very good experience as well.


  1. Thank you for highlighting two great programs at MHS: Band and NJROTC!