Monday, June 19, 2017

London Building Rose To Flames

By Cameryn Stewart.

   The London 24-story Grendfell tower rose to flames killing 17 and injuring dozens of people. Many people who lived in the west London apartment building are still missing and rescue workers continue to search for the unaccounted for. The firefighters warned that the numbers of deaths would grow. After 37 residents of the building were in the hospital on Wednesday firefighters stated that it is unlikely for them to find anymore survivors.

     An Italian couple who moved to the building several months ago is still missing. The government has appealed for residents of the building to call a hotline as they account for everyone who might have been in the building when the fire broke out. The investigators continue to search through the burnt building with the help of search   dogs.

   Witnesses said they saw people jumping from the tower, screaming for help, waving a white t-shirt. A survivor of the fire recalls that she saw the smoke from the building coming in her room from under the door as a fire protocol told her to “stay put”, which stated for the residents to stay in their apartment is there was a fire somewhere else in the building. There are many questions on if the “stay put” protocol turned the fire more lethal. Firefighters are still trying to find the source of the fire.

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