Monday, June 19, 2017

Advice With Bryce- Eighth Grader Edition

For our final edition, we are giving advice to the eighth graders coming from the middle school.

Talk to your teacher if you need help, they are there for you, especially math. Just because they may not particularly like you, it's their job to help you, also don't type ANYTHING in comic sans. -Bryce

Take your work seriously, you are not treated like a child. Fooling around won't get you anywhere in high school, yes it's good to have fun, but there is a line between having fun and excessively fooling around in class. Teachers don't put up with it and they may kick you out of class. So just pay attention and do your work. -Demi

Don't be an idiot, don't pull stupid stunts that you know will get you in trouble. Do your work and behave, it's what everyone else is here to do. -Mia

NEVER wait until the last minute to do stuff. You'll end up very stressed and you'll lose sleep and it's just a bad time for everyone. -Bekah

Stay on top of your work and you will be okay. -Jake

Don't be scared going to a new school. High school can actually be fun if you have a positive mindset and work hard to stay on pace in all your classes. You can make a lot of new friends, so don't be shy or nervous even if you're the youngest group there. -Guinevere Cote

Try not to be lazy at the end of a semester, because you will be stuck doing the work in summer school or something like that. Just get your work done and you won't have to worry about it. -Zach (French is the best)

All that glitters is gold; only shooting stars break the mold. (Also do your homework and remember that friendships aren't always as strong as they seem.) -Allison


Dear Incoming Freshmen,
After finishing up a very busy and at times stressful Freshmen year, my words of wisdom for your transition from middle school to the high school would be to: do homework, ask questions, being popular isn’t everything, and have fun.
  1. It's ok to ask questions, if you don't know something right off the bat. Like if you don't understand the criteria/expectations, that your teacher is giving, rise your hand and ask for some help. The teacher's job is to help you learn things and if you don't understand they are there to help and support you.  If it gets to the point where you still don't understand, you can ask to come in for advisory or a study hall and you can get the additional help that you will need to be successful. Remember, most often the questions you have, another classmate could have too, so you could be helping others out as well as yourself.
  2. Every person out there has probably seen or heard of those typical “high school” stereotypes. Not everything you see in movies and read about in books is true. If you're worried that you won't be popular, like the girls/boys are in the movies, don't be because in real life nobody really cares. Most likely people are more worried about themselves, their classes, and school activities to worry about being popular or a big jock that everyone wants to date. If you do ever come across people who do care about being the most popular,  just walk the other way, you don't need them. Try and be yourself because that's more important.
  3. Homework is the word everyone hates to hear, but it's a reality, and it is really beneficial to helping you become academically successful. If you do your homework you're more likely to pass your tests and to get better guiding principle grades. Additionally, in the long run, it helps you see what you're capable of.  Your relationship with your teacher will grow stronger because they see that you're really trying your best and they are more apt to want to help you, if they see you have done the leg work.
  4. The final piece of wisdom that want to give you is have fun. Not everything has to be work, put some time into your work and then give yourself a break.  It is all about balance.  If you feel that you don't want to do the work at home make sure to have a study hall, so you can do it then.  The days that you are all caught-up and you don't have any work, just relax.
Transitioning to a new school is tough, but in the long run it's a blast. Here’s to a successful, and enjoyable first year of high school, Welcome Class of 2021!
  • Maija Jaakkola
The most helpful pieces of advice I can share is 1. Push yourself to do the best in all your classes. Ask for extra credit when you can, and be sure to finish all your work. Summer school is no fun. 2. Get involved! Try a new sport or club and don't be afraid to embarrass yourself. Most people will welcome you and encourage you to do your best. You don't want to look back and regret not trying anything new in high school. 3. Find who your real friends are and stick with them. The people you start the year with and the people you end it with can change, but sometimes it's a good change. Good luck class of 2021! -Alyssa

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