Friday, May 19, 2017

Taz’s Little Lego Library

By Breanna Melanson and Allison Blair
Edited By Arie Moore

    A young boy in Portland, Oregon, is changing the community one lego at a time. Lending libraries are small, weatherproof boxes that usually contain books, which people can swap with or borrow from. However, the Little Lego Library is a bit different; instead of books, people can exchange Lego figurines. The small library was set up by Taz, a local elementary schooler, and his mom.
    “At school, Taz (who's 9) was studying how toys are made and learning about all the waste’” Taz’s mom, Mrs.Higgs, stated in an email. “He decided he wanted to prevent people from buying more plastic toys and instead share his Legos with other kids and he came up with the idea of a little free library to share his Lego minifigures.”

“Hi! Take a minifigure and leave a minifigure that someone else would like. Leave a note in the little log if you want. Have fun!”

    After the Lego Library opened last summer, it quickly gained popularity. “It was posted on Facebook and got 20,000 views in the first few days, Mrs. Higgs wrote. “It seems to be the first Lego library out there, and now we know of a couple kids who have built similar lego libraries of their own.” According to Mrs. Higgs, hundreds of Legos have been exchanged. Kids from Portland are getting a chance to play with legos, and, All in all, Taz is changing the world, one Lego at a time.

A photo of Taz and the Lego Library.