Friday, May 19, 2017

Sudan, The Last White Rhino In The World

By: Savannah Wakita
Edited By: Guin Cote

Sudan is a Northern White Rhino who lives in Kenya, he is the last male of his kind. He is under armed surveillance 24/7 to protect him from poachers. This gentle giant is the last resort to help reproduce and multiply the species before they go extinct. There are only two female White Rhinos in the world and with the help of the community and the whole world, he will be united with one. The two rhinos are named Najin and Fatu, Fatu being the daughter of Najin. Tinder, the famous online dating website has created a profile for Sudan where users who swipe to the right are directed to a website where they can donate money to fund for a treatment that will help him and his new mate multiply. The scientists who will be conducting this experiment will need an estimated 10 million dollars to go through with the treatment. A main factor to this issue is that none of the three are exactly capable of breeding anymore. In efforts to protect the rhinos lives, the handlers remove their horns as poachers mainly want that. The three rhinos are the last hope for their species, so they are monitored every moment by radio transmitters that have been implanted where their horns would be and lots of other procedures and technologies. There is hope for him out there. In 1895 scientist were able to bring back the species of Southern White Rhinos from a small herd, to 20,000, and technology has definitely increased and advanced since then. Everyone’s watching this story closely to see how it plays out and if Sudan reaches his 10 million dollar goal and saves his species.

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  1. Thank you for informing your readers with this story. I hope they can bring the herd back again!

  2. This information made it to an elementary level student especially concerned with saving animals from extinction.