Friday, May 19, 2017

MHS Talent Show

By Rebekah Roy
Edited by Julia Gregoire
(School Life)
The Massabesic High School talent show was on Thursday, May 11th. Featured acts included a group number that had Sammy Dudley and Amie Giles strutting around the stage dressed as trolls, and Ian Ryan and his son, Roy, that had the audience in awe. Chris Jandreau played his guitar and sang a song, and Norrie Chamoff sang in multiple numbers and directed the whole thing.  Amber Arsenault, who performed multiple dance pieces, answered some questions about having been a part of the talent show.
Q: Were you surprised at the talent that your classmates have?
A: Yes, I was. For such a small town and school, we had really good talent.
Q: Did you have fun performing with your classmates?
A: Yes, it was very fun!
Q: Were you excited when you heard that the MHS Culture Club was hosting a talent show?
A: Yes! I wasn't only excited to be able to perform myself, but to see everyone else show off their skills.
Q: Which act was your favorite?
A: Definitely Mr. Ryan and his son. It was too adorable!
Q: Did you get nervous before you performed?
A: Even though I've been dancing for a long time, I always get nervous before performing. You never know what's going to happen.
Not only was the talent show fun to watch, it was also fun for the performers! A big thanks goes out to the MHS Culture Club and the performers for making it such a fun night.

Amber Arsenault during her performance

Ian Ryan and his son, Roy, before heading on stage


  1. Another way for students to shine at MHS!

  2. many teachers with multiple talents as well.