Friday, May 19, 2017

Girls Varsity Softball Season

By: Jocelyn Jaro
Edited by: Ben Samson.
The Massabesic Girls varsity softball team has had a successful season so far with only two loses. Freshman and varsity player, Julia Gregoire answered some of my questions about the season so far. What has been the best part of the season? “The team chemistry has been great.” How is the team doing as a whole? “We’re working as a team more than at the beginning of the season. At the beginning, it felt like everyone was working as their own.” How has doing the 10 week hitting program in the winter helped the team? “It made us 10 weeks ahead of most the teams we are playing.” How have you improved personally? “The speed of the game has improved for me. Everything is a lot faster and I'm finally getting the hang of it.” Where do you see the team headed for the rest of the season? “We are facing some pretty tough teams for our last 6 games so we are going to work hard to come out on the top with some wins.” Come support the girls at their last home games!
    (Julia Gregoire vs Biddeford. Picture credit to Jason Gendron)

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