Monday, May 22, 2017

Europe Trip 2017

By Avery Bolduc
Edited By Julia Gregoire

Over April vacation Mrs. Chamoff and one chaperone, Shannon Batson, took a group of 8 kids overseas and to Europe. They all met in the Boston Logan Airport, to depart to Amsterdam. After a 6 and half hour flight they landed safely around 5:00 am. Their layover was supposed to be 4 hours, but was delayed to 5 hours. They flew Air France from Amsterdam to Paris De Gaulle Airport. This airport was huge! It took only an hour and a half, but for those who slept through it, it felt like 30 minutes.
In Paris, they visited the Eiffel Tower, went on a cruise around the city, went into the Notre Dam Cathedral and even went to the Louvre; where the Mona Lisa is! Then after two days in Paris, they took a bullet train down to the French Riviera.
In the French Riviera, they went to Monaco, and saw the changing of the guards outside the palace. After that they went to Nice, and some swam in the Mediterranean Sea!
Then off to Florence they went! While in Florence they went to all the main squares and saw all the artwork from all famous artists during the time. Afterwards, on the way to Rome we went to The Leaning Tower of Pisa.
Their final destination was Rome. By far my favorite of all places, while we were there we went to the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, Vatican City,and even the Roman Catacombs.
Over the course of 10 days, the students learned about French and Italian Culture. It was an eye opening experience. Thanks to EF Tours, they made this amazing trip possible. Along the way, everyone made friends that we may not see, but will stay in our hearts.


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  1. I think you should bring me next time! I'm glad it was a great trip.