Friday, May 19, 2017

Boys Lacrosse

By Jake Abbott
Edited by Ben Samson

     Boys lacrosse is looking promising this year and for those to come. The team is getting much stronger. I interviewed Cameron Goodrich about his experiences and thoughts on the team. The first question I asked him was, “What's your favorite thing about the team?” and his answer was, “The brotherhood you build up after the first couple weeks.” The next question I asked him was, “What are your predictions for the season?” He said, “We should be able to be .500 or a little over this year.” When I asked him, “What's your opinion on the coaching staff?” he replied with, “Coach Gallo is good, he knows the game really well, and he teaches the game well too. Coach Allen Curtis is the soccer coach as well as the lacrosse coach, and he's always pushing us to be our best in practice. And our other coach Curtis has been in the military and he helps us communicate with each other and form that brotherhood. Coach Wright is always encouraging us and helping us.” Then I asked, “Where do you think the program is heading?” his response was, “The next couple years will be tough but in a few years we will be a very strong team.” Lastly, I asked him, “Are you planning on chasing a scholarship for lacrosse?” and he replied with, “It's not necessarily something I've considered yet. If I got an offer I'd take it but I think I'm more likely to get my scholarship from hockey or academics.”
     The program definitely seems as though it's heading in the right direction. You should definitely try to make it to some of their games this year and see the progress they've made. They work very hard and have made a lot of progress. There's a lot of promise in the upcoming years as well. Wish them good luck!

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