Friday, May 19, 2017


By Mia Skowronski
Edited By Benjamin Samson

      The Massabesic baseball team is one of the highlights of the spring sports season, with devoted players ready to get to work. Since preseason is now over, as we head into this year’s season all are excited to see the outcome of this new combination of players. With seasoned athletes from every class, there can only be a good outcome this season. The season is still starting, and hopes are high this year, with hard work and devotion, we just might make it.

   Speaking for the team is Hunter Monahan, a freshman on the team this year. Hunter has been playing the sport for nine years and what he said he loved about the sport is “the thought process.” Asking on what he loved about the team, he said that, “Our JV team has just started to come together winning our last two games, so I love the fact that we are becoming a family.” However the team still has a while to go if they hope on achieving their of “a 500 winning average,” that Monahan said they wish to achieve. If the team really does play like a family and stays untied it's hard to see where they can go wrong especially if they put in the hard work to achieve their goal. Since he loves the sport so much, Monahan was asked whether or not he'd suggest the sport to others, he said, “I strongly encourage anyone to try this sport or start playing again because of opportunity and family building. Only having 2 teams right now there is plenty of space for people to learn and play the sport.” So next year anyone hoping to sign up for baseball should just try it out, since the team will accept them with open arms, from any level of play.

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