Friday, May 19, 2017

Advice With Bryce

How can you tell if someone likes you?
Dear Relationship Wonderer,
To tell  if someone likes you look for some of these signs: standing close to you, gazing, hyperactivity in your presence or when you leave, change in behavior, mirroring your body language, complimenting you often, smiling for no reason, and remembering small detail about conversations you have.

How to not be late to class?
Dear Troubled Tardy,
Try and leave your class right as the bell rings. Do not dilly dally and talk to your friends. Just walk with a purpose straight to your next class. If you still cannot make it in time, talk to your teacher and let them know why you are late so that you will not be marked absent. They will probably understand. Good luck, and remember, walk with a purpose!

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How to stop nailing my head to the wall.
Dear Nailer,
Remove the problem, get rid of the wall, or the nails, your choice. If you go to a location with nails and a wall, ask someone else to remove the nails or walls. This may seem ridiculous, but it is very effective way to remove the problem. Nailing your head to a wall is not a good choice.
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Bryce, how do I French braid hair? I really need your help on this!
Dear Frazzled French,
French braiding is so simple! There are many great videos out there on how to braid. I found a helpful one, and I linked it here!
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My parents are making us move, and I really don’t want to, what should I do?
Dear Miserable Over Moving,
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Sorry to hear about this dilemma. One thing could do is, sit down with your parents and have a conversation about your feelings about the move.  Say what's on your mind, be respectful, give reasons why you don't want to move, and listen to what your parents have to say.   Your parents might have a reason for doing this like; job changes, moving closer to family, or they like something about the new place. Look on the positive side of the situation, moving can be an adventure.  You will have the chance to meet new people and make new friends.  Moving doesn’t mean that you have to let go of your old friends.  Make time for seeing your old friends, arrange ways that you can enjoy both the old and new, and if you can’t get together as often as you would like, social media is a great way to stay in touch.   

I need advice on how to peel oranges.
Dear Perplexed Peeler,
There are many ways to peel oranges, and you can use whichever way works best for you! Here is a quick tutorial if you don’t know any ways. Click Here!
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I need advice on how to handle absolutely insane parents.
Dear Baffled Bud,
To handle insane parents you should try talking to them clearer; when talking to them try managing the conversation instead reacting negatively. Don't take it personally some people are just like that. Lastly, enjoy your life don't let them bring you down!

I like a girl on my team, and I'm not sure if she feels the same. What should I do?
Dear Athletic Attraction,
Talk to her, try to see if she likes you through subtle things. Try to start conversions you know you know could increase your rełatioship status with her. Try and bond over your shared love of sports. If she really doesn't like you, then it is not meant to be and look somewhere else for help.

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My parents are very busy.  They make me take care of my little brother after school and on the weekends. They tell me that because they pay for my cell phone each month that I need to babysit.   It is cutting into my time for homework and seeing my friends.  What can I do to get out of this?  
Dear Still Only A Kid,
Having to take can of younger siblings often happens to many young people.  Helping out watching your brother or sister is part of being in a family, but here should be a limit to how often you are expected to do this. Politely ask your parents if you could have a talk with them.   Tell your parents that you feel like babysitting is affecting your school work and you have no time for your friends.  It is also important that you let your parents know that you need time to relax, after all you are not an adult yet.  If say you have to do this because they pay your phone, say that you're grateful that you can have the phone, but maybe you could negotiate a set number of hours or time.  If this doesn't work try to compromise by saying, you'll wash dishes, take out the trash, or do additional chores rather than babysit.  This way you can do it when you have time and not according to their set schedule, allowing you time for homework and a social life.

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How To Deal With People
The Advice With Bryce Column now has an etiquette section! Enjoy!

How do I deal with nosy people?
Dear Dealing With A Busy Body,
Dealing with nosy people can be very annoying at times, but keep pushing through.  If a person asks a question about your personal life you could say this in return:
  1. Why are you asking?
  2. I am not really sure the answer to that?
  3. Who wants to know?
  4. Or a funny answer could be, “ Are you from the CIA or FBI?”.
Maybe by answering your need to know it all “friend” with one of these questions, they will start to notice that you don't really want to answer. If they don't get the point you could try being direct and say, “Why are you being so nosy?”.  Don't worry this happens to everyone, and if you don’t want to respond you can just walk away.  
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How to deal with a know-it-all?
Dear Don’t-Know-It-All,
The best way to deal with a know-it-all, is to distance yourself. You cannot change their nature, so you should just politely distance yourself. Do not talk to them if possible, and you will not be annoyed. Remember, still be nice!
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