Monday, April 3, 2017

Youthink And The Mustang Stampede

By Breanna Melanson and Allison Blair
Edited By Breanna Melanson and Allison Blair

    Just as MHS has The Mustang Stampede for an online newspaper, MMS has a virtual newspaper called Youthink. At the middle school, the newspaper is written as an extracurricular activity, and members of the newspaper meet every Tuesday.
    Youthink has a more lax structure than The Mustang Stampede does. For each article in MMS’s newspaper, the font, font size, and font color differentiate, while the MHS newspaper follows a certain formatting outline for each article. Youthink’s newspaper has broad, relaxed column topics such as “Fun Stuff,” and lean more towards the entertainment side of writing than the factual side, which the Mustang Stampede mainly reports on.

(Youthink’s winter publication vs The Mustang Stampede’s February publication)

    Youthink has 4 to 5 editors for the entire newspaper, instead of the Mustang Stampede’s 1 per column. In an interview, Youthink’s editors stated that having more people to edit was helpful to evenly share the workload.
    All in all, Youthink is a casual and student orientated newspaper. It is very relaxed, and you can clearly see the different, unique voices coming from each writer. Despite the differences from the high school newspaper, Youthink is distinct in its own way.

    The Mustang Stampede is much more strict in its deadlines and formatting. Since it meets a target as opposed to being just for after school fun, more is expected of the writers. While Youthink have all of their editors working on all parts of the newsletter, The Mustang Stampede organizes into groups and picks one editor for each section.
    Youthink and The Mustang Stampede obviously share differences, being that they are from different schools, different grade levels, and different minds, as well as being run by teachers with different ideas. Despite this, they are both school publications that are, in the end, a fun way to introduce students to the idea of journalism.

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  1. This was a really interesting comparison! Thank you for writing about this. I wasn't aware of the MMS newspaper.