Friday, April 28, 2017

Unexpected Fortune

This short story was written with the intention of evoking an emotion from the reader. In this case, the emotion intended was joy. 

Unexpected Fortune
By Anonymous 
Edited By Keara Galbraith

The town was run-down, old, and not well managed. Groups of children played in the street with no shoes on the muddy, hot, dirt road. It was not paved, the town simply did not have enough money for that. The townspeople were so poor that children were extremely lucky if they found a penny or two on the side of the road. The children spent so much time outside because their houses were more like shacks- small, no insulation, and no windows unless you count the gaping holes on the side of the walls. Among those children was a kid named Daniel. He was unique when it came to the rest of the people in the ramshackle town in western America. He had a certain... spark to him. Daniel was not the most well-liked child around, he often kept to himself and would hide away in the woods where he could be alone. His family life was good, he had a mother, father, and two sisters named Lucille and Amelia who he rarely ever fought with, all living in the same house.
Daniel sat alone in the woods, the only place he could be alone at. He felt safe here, like he could be himself and connect with nature. Although the other kids weren't extremely harsh towards Daniel, he still despised them. Often, they would tease him and tug on his shaggy hair, throw rocks at him, laugh, and make rude jokes about him. Nature was still his go-to happy place, the only place that wasn't a dump and actually had a safe feel to it. As Daniel brushed his hands around himself on the ground in a circular motion, his hands came across a hard object. What was it? He did not know, so he brushed the dirt away, and more, and more, and more until a wooden case was lightly exposed through the dirt. He pulled out the heavy box at an angle and could hear metals clashing together. He opened the box by lifting the small latch, and all that he could see was the bright morning sun shining off of gold, filled nearly to the top of a box the size of two tissue boxes placed together. He sat in awe staring at all the gold.
Daniel rushed home the fastest he was able to do carrying all that gold. When he finally walked into the creaky old house, he outstretched his hands, but the box then fell to the floor and opened, revealing all the gold to his mother. 
"Shhh... you must keep this a secret Daniel, if the other townspeople see what you have discovered, they will steal it all for themselves," whispered his mother. Daniel couldn't even respond to her, his eyes were gaping wide open and his mouth slightly quivered. This was a lot of money he had come across, and the coins looked very clean except for a few dirt smudges. The coins were newly placed there because he never noticed the box there before, maybe around three to four weeks. 
"What am I to do with all this gold?" thought Daniel. But before he needed a moment to think, a thought already appeared into his mind. The thought was to go to his Uncle Pete.
Uncle Pete was Daniel's uncle who focused mainly on antiques, he never got much business but he knew quite a lot about history. Antiques littered the shop when Daniel walked in, pockets full of gold. He clunked the gold onto a glass counter and rung the bell which alerted his Uncle Pete who nearly fainted at the sight. This much gold was too much for a poor man like uncle Pete to buy, he had money saved up but only for emergencies and to keep the shop running. He told Daniel he needed to rush to the bank right away before anyone figured out what he had found.

To Be Continued...

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