Friday, April 28, 2017

The World of Dreams

This short story was written using two prompts. The first was a random object prompt where the author would choose some objects that could be incorporated into a story. However, in this case, the objects were items that are highly valued by its owner. The other prompt was to attempt to evoke a certain emotion from the reader so the author wrote a story that, though it started out sad, had a happy twist at the end.

The World Of Dreams
By Alyssa Huff
Edited By Keara Galbraith

baseball signed by Luis Tiant
record player 
flower necklace
        The house seemed so quiet in the bright sunlight peeking through all our windows. My grandma had just passed away a couple weeks ago and my heart is still in pieces. We arrived at her house to clean it out in time for the new family to move in. I didn't want my family to sell it, but I had no choice. The memories I had in that house will soon be forgotten, and I'll forget about her just as everyone does when someone dies. I made my way up her old creaking stairs; they were made of hard wood that has slowly split apart and splintered over the many years they've been here. Her room was still how I always saw it; old and full of life. My grandpa’s stuff was scattered around the room too. He died a long time ago, way before Grandma did. Grandma still kept his most treasured item on their bedside table; a baseball signed by Luis Tiant. My grandfather loved baseball and he almost always went to a game when he had the chance. Once, he went to a baseball game every day for a week. 
        I went over to the baseball and picked it up in my hands. It felt like all the memories came flooding back to me and a tear slipped from my eye, slowly falling down my cheek in a glistening streak. I missed them both so much. More than I could ever show anyone. I wanted to fall to the floor and let the world cave in around me, but something caught my eye. An old record player that still looked like it was in perfect condition. I hadn't seen it before, and I pondered over how it got there. I don't know why, but it almost made me happier as I walked up to it. The thick wood on the outside of this box-like record player seemed to be brand new, almost like it was just built with polished, fresh materials. The metal for the speakers shone like the Empire State Building in the evening sunlight. I reached out my hand and came upon the record player like it was something very precious and meant for royalty. The room almost seemed to spin around me as a fantastic melody started to play. I closed my eyes to block out what was going on, and I was falling down, down, down into nothingness. 
        I opened my eyes to see the room was exactly how it was but I was still on the floor. I heard a distant shout with some sudden footsteps. As I started to move around, the sound of footsteps started getting closer and closer until they stopped right at the door. I saw the lovely pink shoes that had a small, one-inch heel standing in the doorway. I picked my head up and all I saw was a purple flower necklace that has been in my family for years, and a smile that reminded me of the warm summer days when I was young, it was my grandma and my grandpa was a few steps behind her. I could imagine how they had gotten there or how they were there, but all I knew was that it was the best day of my entire life. 

To Be Continued…

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