Monday, April 3, 2017

The New Lacrosse Season: Unfinished Business

By Mia Skowronski
Edited By Benjamin Samson

     Last season, the girls lacrosse team nearly won States, this bitter defeat has brought back the lust for another win at States. The girls lacrosse team has a new motto: Unfinished business. With hard work and passionate players they hope to take home the States title. The boy's team had a hard working season with large amounts of commitment and teamwork that helped propel them through the season. Now, during preseason both teams have players staying after to prepare for tryouts. Playing wall ball and hitting the weight room after school, these two teams are getting ready for the season ahead.

       Seasoned lacrosse player Jesse Skowronski, a senior this year, has high hopes for the new season as was said in an interview with him. Skowronski said that, “we are hoping to improve on our success from last year and use that momentum to help bring us to States.” When asked about how he thought last season went, he said, “we came together as a team and stopped playing as individuals,” however when asked what they could improve upon he said, “have people trust each other more when they're on the field and play as a unit making as few mistakes as possible.” Coach Gallo, the team’s coach, has done well in Skowronski’s opinion since he said, “I think he's done a great job turning our program and we would not be mentally where we are as a team without him.” Practices “are high intensity and everyone is focusing on improving their game as much as they can every game, taking as quick if reps as they can,” as stated by Jesse. When asked about advice for new players and whether or not he would recommend the sport, Jesse replied, “Yes, I would recommend playing lacrosse the coaching staff is willing to help you develop as a player as long as you're willing to work at it, it's an easy sport to pick up and enjoy. Don't be intimidated to try it out if you've never played before it's a fun sport to learn and become a part of and if you put in the work you'll get as much out of it as you put into it.” However, since this is his last year playing for the Mustangs, the question of how he felt about this was brought up. When asked what he'll miss about the sport and the team he responded, “Just like the team atmosphere and being apart of the team and the level of play of the game and the feeling of to be out on the field representing your community.” As told by someone who has played all four years, this is a great sport no one should miss out on. Good luck to the boys lacrosse team on their upcoming season!

   The girls lacrosse team had a marvelous season last year, making it all the way to the States finals before a bitter defeat. However, this is a new season, and hopes are high. Senior Emma Desrochers had many things to say about the upcoming season and the team.  We asked Emma what do she thought went well last season, this is what she had to say: “We worked well as a team and were trying to support one another. We had a great group of girls who weren’t scared to get dirty to fight for what we wanted. If we got beat, we got motivated, and we went to work on fixing that. We had girls getting up early and leaving late for the extra practice. We had a group that was striving for better, striving for perfection, which helped us get to where we got.” Emma also said this about improvements for the team, “Our number one goal is to improve how we treat each other as teammates. We have each individually taken the time to rate ourselves on how we feel we are as a teammate. Our number one focus is to treat each other right, just like we should as sisters. We will have our squabbles but we must learn to focus on putting those small things aside for the greater good of the team. We must be positive role models and just overall kind to others. This is the focus as to make a happier year and great memories together.” When questioned on how far they are hoping to make it this season, she said, “The goal for any sport in high school is to get to the State Championship, to know you have played as long as possible. That all depends on how hard we are willing to work towards it and how high we keep the sport on our priority list. Our number one goal is to come together as a team, to be unselfish, and to care about each other. If we put all of those factors together, I believe we can have a pretty successful season.” Her opinions of Coach Bowen, the head lacrosse coach, couldn't be higher as she said, “He’s one of the best coaches I have ever had the experience with. He dedicates every ounce of his time to our wellbeing and to our game plans. I swear that man never sleeps, and he does it all for us. All he asks from us is for us to give him everything we got, to put the time into the sport just as he does. He will push you to your breaking point and then some. Yet, you learn that you have so much more in you. He teaches us valuable lessons in life within the sport. He’s always there for any problems, no matter how small, that you have in your life and he will do everything he can to help you. He listens to you and responds in ways that make your head turn. I’m incredibly thankful to know and be coached by Coach Bowen.”
     Since Emma had been playing so long, it only makes sense to ask her if she would recommend the sport to new players, what she had to say was, “I would 100% recommend playing lacrosse to anyone in high school. It teaches you things that you would never learn in classrooms. It teaches you your own strength, its teaches you to break out of your comfort zone and to spread your wings and fly. You learn that you have more strength than you ever thought, that you have more to give even when you feel like you’ve got nothing left. It teaches you to set a goal and spend hours upon hours working towards it. It teaches you to work hard when no one is watching because you know what you are working towards and that is all that matters. It also gives you a huge support group that will always be there for you: academically wise, athletically wise, and personally wise.” On a more somber note, since Emma is a senior this is her last season. So we asked her how she felt knowing that and what she'd miss the most about the sport she's dedicated so much time to. What she had to say was, “I will miss everything that comes with the game of lacrosse at Massabesic High School. I’ll miss the days of community service at Camp Sunshine, the late-night games, the grueling saturday morning practices, the sore muscles, the yelling coaches, the freezing preseasons. Most of all, I’ll miss my teammates. I will miss my coaches who have been with me every step of the way of my high school journey. I’ll miss the unconditional positive regard they have always sent my way. I’ll miss the midday lunches in Coach Bowen’s room, I’ll miss the interactions between Coach Trem and his daughters. There is not a single aspect I won’t miss, even the painful moments, the moments of failure will be missed by me when I leave. Lacrosse impacted every part of my life and I could never be more thankful for that.”

    With two accounts from these two dedicated and devoted seniors, why wouldn't you want to join the team? Boys and girls lacrosse are both happy to take in new players, no experience is required, as long as you put in the work to get better and advance, you'll be accepted with open arms.

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