Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The Dream Factory

By Trie Yale
Edited by Emily Morin
School Life

      “The Dream Factory is a Club at school that holds fundraisers to earn money for children and their families with chronic illnesses and help them make their dreams come true.”
These words come from Amber Arsenault, one of the two girls starting The Dream Factory Club here at Massabesic High School. Like what Amber said, the Dream Factory is a way of spreading the word for these children and families in need of support, and this organization is a good way to get people involved our own community and to do some good deeds. Joining is also a good way to get community service hours, which you need to graduate, and you get to help someone in need. We interviewed Amber Arsenault and Emily Morin, the other girl starting the club here at Massabesic, about how they are planning on running this and what their intentions for the group are. Questions from our interview with Emily and Amber are below.

How did this group start?-  
Amber Arsenault- “I was emailed by one of my dance friend’s mom who is part of the group, and she asked me to get Massabesic involved.” “I considered starting the club and asked Emily if she would like to help me.”
Emily Morin- “Amber came to me in the summer with a packet about how to start the club. One of her friend’s mom is apart of the group gave it to her with all the information needed to start the club, so we did.”

How are you getting Massabesic involved?-
Amber Arsenault- “As a school I don't think Massabesic does enough to help out the community, and I felt that Massabesic needed to help other people out. So I decided to go ahead and get Massabesic involved in The Dream Factory.”

What are you doing to get the word about the group out?-
Emily Morin- “One thing we are doing is spreading that we are starting this club around school and putting information about it on announcements. Recently we had our first meeting with only a few people but once we get the word out even more, we hope to get a lot of help.”

      Go see Emily Morin or Amber Arsenault if you are interested in joining The Dream Factory and/or have any ideas for some awesome and fun fundraisers! This amazing group can make the dreams of many children come true! Go check it out!

On the left is Amber Arsenault and on the right is Emily Morin.

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  1. I'm so proud of you both for making this a part of Massabesic, what a wonderful way to bring school and community together. The families in the Dream Factory will forever be great full