Monday, April 3, 2017

The Band Life

By Zachery Bandle
Edited By Emily Morin
(School Life)

Playing an instrument in a band is a rather fun learning experience. With a constant goal to get better and to support the band as a whole, you learn more about teamwork and the strive for success.

In a band, the opportunities for friendships’ escalate, especially when there are other people that play the same instrument as you. To branch off from that, you get to communicate more in sectionals where you and others try to work on amending and/or improving your section of the band (Sectionals take place during a specific advisory every week.). Also, every Tuesday and Thursday there is an after-school 5th grade band program that some high schoolers volunteer for; there is potential for friend-making everywhere.

Playing an instrument is not easy, and that's something that one must work hard to improve on. At home, practicing around 20 minutes a day on the right things will increase your performance; some people need to work on dynamics (Sound intensity), articulation (Musical notes and how they are played), or tricky notes in their music. One of the most important things to learn as a musician is that there is never enough practice one can do, even when one is a professional.

At the beginning of every band class, we often go through warm-ups and scales to prepare ourselves for the rest of class. Afterwards, all of us tune our instruments to make sure that no one is playing too sharp or too flat (A sharp is higher than the note, whereas a flat is lower than the note.). Sometimes the class does some sight-reading of new music; sight-reading is seeing a sheet of music for the first time and trying to play it. We do other things at the beginning of class, but these are the most common ones. Our music for the next concert is the major concern after these first two or three things are done.

Generally, band isn't for everyone, but there are things that make it fun for others. With a mix of ambition and effort, the band life can teach you more concepts about teamwork or individual learning, and learning your purpose in your band.

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