Friday, April 28, 2017

Sugarloaf Team Meeting


     Every month the Freshman Sugarloaf team holds a team meeting where everyone comes together to play team building games, win prizes, and be informed on things going on around the school and on the team. The sports get recognized and the birthdays for the month get little hats. At the beginning of the school year people on Sugarloaf got to run to be team leaders. After voting who we wanted to be the leader's four people, two girls and two guys were chosen. Jeff Fosgate, Dez Givens, Blake Proctor, Haley Cusson were the elected Sugarloaf leaders. The leaders get to choose the prizes given out to students throughout the meeting.

      In March, during our last team meeting, the team teachers wanted to try something new. Sugarloaf has four core teachers, Mr. Magaw, Mr. Mercier, Mr. Dalton, and Mrs. Kendall. Every month they get to choose a student from their class that they believe is an honored student and should be recognized. The Sugarloaf team gathered in the east gym as they normally do for a team meeting; the leaders announced the prizes and the team leaders talked about rules and missing assignments. Then, as we were all getting ready to leave Mr. Dalton came to the front and told us all that we were trying something we’ve never done before. He had two of the team leaders, Dezirae Givens and Blake Proctor, hold a giant sling shot with a Hostess Cake in the middle.

   For every teacher their selected honor student was called up to shoot a cake at them. With a trash bag and goggles, the teachers stood in place as their honor student got ready to shoot. Mrs. Kendall was the first to be shot at by her honored student, Savannah Burke. It was a good shot, but didn't hit Mrs. Kendall. Next was Mr. Mercier, whose honored student was Sarah Cloutier. There were still no hits when Mr. Magaw’s turn came up. Unfortunately Mr. Magaw’s honored student, Micah Okusko, wasn't present at the meeting, so Mrs. Poulin stepped in. Her shot was true, striking Mr. Magaw in the stomach. The last honored student to be called up was Colby Gary, who was picked by Mr. Dalton. Mr. Dalton got cocky, making faces at Colby all the while thinking that Colby would miss him just like all the other students had missed their teachers. Colby launched the cake at Mr. Dalton aiming straight for his head. The cake flew through the air, and just as it was about to hit Mr. Dalton’s head, he ducked (to the annoyance of the student audience).  We hope to continue to do this every team meeting.

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