Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Power Rangers Movie Review

  Power Rangers Movie Review
  By: Ashley Day
Edited by: Ashley Day                                                            

Power Rangers is a franchise well known around the United States and beyond. The show itself has been watched by millions upon millions of kids and even some adults. The newest movie "Power Rangers" is the movie to see. It is action-packed and has the potential to be the best of the best. The movie itself follows the storyline of the first Power Rangers series, "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers", with much more detail. The special effects in this movie put Transformers and Fast and the Furious to shame. Especially when they morphed. Their suits looked amazing. They were much better than the originals and even the current seasons running on TV. In the TV series, all of them, the power rangers would just punch and swing and practically hit nothing, just doing the motions and the effects came later, but in this movie, the rangers actually interacted with their enemies, kicking and punching and having them explode into the rock they were made of.

The villain of the movie was Rita Repulsa, who is portrayed by Elizabeth Banks and who nailed the role, and she was trapped on the moon by a wizard. When she was set free, she set her sights on the crystal that brings life on Earth. Zordon, the previous Red Ranger, sends the five power coins, Red, Blue, Black, Yellow, and Pink, to find five of the bravest and strongest that could save the world.

In the movie, the power coins choose Jason Lee Scott as the Red Ranger, Billy Cranston as the Blue Ranger, Zack Taylor as the Black Ranger, Kimberly Hart as the Pink Ranger, and Trini Kwan as the Yellow Ranger. The rangers had to work together to train and be able to fight Rita and her minion Goldar, who has the ability to dig into the Earth and rip the crystal from the ground, and they have to find out how to morph. At first, they struggled, but when they were given a death, they found out that they needed each other and finally morphed, unlocking the key to everything they needed to defeat Rita once and for all. Once they found out how to work together, they combined their zords to create the Megazord. What I loved about that scene is that Zordon sacrificed himself to save the Blue Ranger and that shows that his heart is true to the mission and not his own gains to be able to come back to life. As he said in the movie, "There can only be one Red Ranger, and that Ranger needs a full team to succeed." I rate this movie a 9 out of 10 because of everything that that directors did to perfect this movie.

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