Friday, April 7, 2017

Maple Syrup Sunday

By Bri Bernier
Edited by Ashley Day

This year, March 26th was the 34th annual Maine Maple Syrup Sunday. In Maine, there were 85 sugar houses open to the public for samples and touring. The one that I went to was in Arundel, Douston Maple and Honey. They had a shack open where you could watch how they boil the sap and try samples, for example, their syrup on ice cream, bacon, and more. They also had an open trail running down to another shack where you see where all the sap is stored and pushed out of the tubes throughout their land. Once you got in the shack you could see the sap inside the huge tank which could hold up to 700 gallons. They would talk to us and explain how they make maple syrup. Did you know every 50 gallons of sap makes 1 gallon of syrup because of the boiling? They also told us they own 50 acres, and multiple of them are filled with tubes connected to 450 trees everywhere you turn. Overall, my experience at Douston Maple and Honey was very fun and tasty.

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