Monday, April 3, 2017

Inspirational Youth in America

By Alyssa Paquin
Edited by Cameryn Stewart
(National/ Global)
Danielle Bowman, La Canada, CA

         Bowman, a 19 year old film animator, has had the love of drawing before she could talk. She grew up with autism, and cartoons/ animation was something that helped her cope with it. When she was 11 years old, she had an idea to create her own animation business. She called it Powerlight studios, and has been creating short films for her business ever since.

         She often shares her enthusiasm with others with disabilities by hosting and speaking at animation camps for kids. Her dream is to turn her studio into something bigger and be able to hire special needs kids and create a disability-friendly environment. Mostly she teaches the kids to focus on their talents, and not what they can't do. The link below takes you to her website:

Danielle teaching a boy how to animate.

Andrew Miles, Silver Lake, OR

         All his life, Andrew had to work hard on his father’s farm. But that all changed when his father died in an accident with a machine. He wanted to honor his father by taking over the family business and bale hay for his neighbors and family. He says that his parents “expected him to work hard”. He knew it was what he had to do.

         Not only did he spend every ounce of free time he had baling hay, but then received a scholarship to Oregon State University by maintaining a high (4.0) grade point average, and becoming captain of the football, wrestling, and baseball team. He graduated high school and bought 125 acres of farmland to grow plants. Now, Andrew continues the family business in honor of his late father and his mother.

To read the original article about Andrew or explore others’ businesses, visit the link below:

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