Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Girls Softball Season

By Jocelyn Jaro
Edited by Ben Samson
    The weather getting warmer is more than the start of spring for a group of girls at Massabesic; it's s the start of another softball season. I sat down with Julia Gregore, a freshman trying out for the team. What team are you hoping to make? “I'm always striving for varsity and looking to improve along the way even if I don't make it.”  Has practicing in the off season helped you? “Over the winter I did Parisi which is a speed and strength program three days a week, along with an arm conditioning program at the same place. I believe it really got me prepared to throw 100 plus throws a day and has helped become a faster and stronger softball player.” What is the team like? “The team is awesome, I can already see the chemistry and the constant cheering on the sidelines. There's so much helping and bringing inexperienced and experienced athletes together as one team. How do you think the season will go? “The season is going to go good with 10 pitchers and 8-9 catchers, it will be a strong season. There is so much talent among the softball group it's incredible and hopefully we can build upon it and put it together for some wins.” How do you feel about the coaches? “The coaches know what they are talking about. If you have a question they will answer it. One thing I love is softball is in their heads 365 days of the year instead of a lot of coaches who only think about it during the season and don't prepare for what's to come. They help us to be our best serves and to push us to our limits.” I think the whole team and supporters are anticipating another exciting season!

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