Monday, April 3, 2017

Big changes in a small town school

By: Julia Gregoire
Edited by: Emily Morin

    Massabesic has some huge sport improvements coming in the next few seasons as part of phase two of the field construction. First, they are redoing the tennis courts and placing them between the east building and the road. There will be four courts and one single court. Which should be ready by the end of the 2017 summer. For softball the field is going to be fixed up. They are redoing the third base side dugout, putting up a scoreboard, raising the infield, replacing the backstop, and putting up a temporary fence. Softball will once again be able to play on their home field which hasn't happened in four years. Softball has been playing at the lions field because of continuous construction and field conditions. Practice fields are all getting leveled out. The stadium bathrooms will be added on to team locker rooms, and locker rooms will be cleaned and updated. Parking will be added to accommodate all sports as well. Separate from phase two we are expecting a fully functioning fitness room brought up by boosters. The community has high hopes of everything being done for the first sports season next year. Thank you for all involved.

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