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The Fruit Bowl

The Fruit Bowl

Poems by Cameron Goodrich, Colby Cole, and Sarah Cloutier. Edited by Parker Jalbert

A Word From the Editor-

  For this edition of the Mustang Stampede, this group has chosen to write poetry. Not just any poetry, however; this article will focus on fruit related poetry, and poetry of a topic of the author's choice. We hope you enjoy.

by Cameron Goodrich

Cucumbers are fruits,
but are always called veggies.
They grow off a plant,
yet lay on the ground,
Let's plant a seed,
in your brain,
as cucumbers have seeds,
which make them fruit
and not the veggie
that we conceive.

by Sarah Cloutier 

Why does fruit include tomatoes?
They belong more with the potatoes.
It just is not right,
It causes great fright.
Those stupid, stupid tomatoes.

The Perfect Pair of Pears
by Colby Cole

The perfect pair of pears doesn't exist.
The perfect pear doesn't have a second nor third.
The perfect pair of pears is impossible to resist.
The best pair of pears is imperfect to put it in a word.
The pears in the perfect pair of pears are perfect.
Impossible to top their juices, so sweet and pure.
Spending millions on this pair of pears would be truly worth it.
This pair of perfect pears will blow your mind for sure.
This perfect pair of pears has gone extinct.
The pair of pears I'm stuck with is rotten and stinks.

by Cameron Goodrich

Squish squash.
Now it's mush,
ready for pie,
Even though it's a lie.
The yellow fruit
is a grilled delicacy.

by Sarah Cloutier 

Why are poems so hard to write?
It's harder than flying a kite.
Let's just not,
it is a weak spot.
Writing poems is just not alright.

by Cameron Goodrich

The pollen flows
through the air.
Busy bees flying
from bud to bud
of every new flower.
With beds of purple
swaying side to side
in the breeze,
pollen flowing,
bringing new life
to the fields.
The field of fruits.

Happiness in a Mug
by Carrie Phinney

Happiness is a cup of tea in the morning.
It's the sugar and honey you use to sweeten it.
Happiness is the steam that rises above your mug that dances and churns.
It's the color that steeps from the bag as it soaks in the warm water.
Happiness is the warm mug in your hands.
The heat that rushes to your mouth when you take the first sip.
Happiness is a cup of coffee or tea in the morning.

by Carrie Phinney 

You peel back the orange skin,
mist of the citrus squirts in the air.
The happiness sprays like a joyful rain,
the supple fruit making April deluge,
just deep enough to prance in your galoshes.
Happiness fills your citrus filled mind with pure joy.
Oranges like a summer sunset,
the warmth seeping into your skin.
Memories of summer heat,
bumbling like honey bees.
The smell of flowers just coming into blooming colors.
Citrus juice floods your taste buds,
making them sing like a bird.
The sweet song in your ears,
the sweet taste in your mouth.


Article by: Amber Arsenault and Dezirae Givens
Edited by: Sofie Albert

What is a pun? A pun is a joke exploiting the different possible meanings of a word or the fact that there are words that sound alike but have different meanings.
In this pun they are taking 6 states and renaming them out of food. The food is made out of the shape of the state. Making a rhyme to make a good, funny pun.
In this pun they want to run away and get married which mean elope but the cantaloupe, can't elope.
This pun is considered a “bad” pun because Taylor Swift has a song called “bad blood.” Which makes it sound cheesy.
This pun is funny because they take an animal and compare its to a funny object making it a funny pun.


A Short History of Cats

     Cats are one of the most popular pets in the world, loved for their looks and behavior. They have been pets in Ancient Egypt and Ancient China, and were originally kept as such to get rid of pesky vermin and pests and protect food and supplies. In Ancient Egypt, cats were worshipped like gods and goddesses and were respected as hunters. In fact, in Ancient Egypt, people used to sentence whoever harmed a furry feline to death. For a while in the Middle Ages, cats were associated with the devil, making them less popular than before. However, once people got over their false beliefs, cats became the most popular pets worldwide in the eighteenth century.

  Although felines change over time, they still have many characteristics their ancestors did. Today’s domestic cats still have the same eating and grooming habits, as well as shape and color. However, some don’t have the same shape– like the old siamese and persian compared to the modern siamese and persian. This is mostly because they’ve been bred for their looks by humans, and because of this, some breeds like the persian have a multitude of health issues.

  Nowadays, cats are once again revered by humans, although not as much as they were in Ancient Egypt. They can be bought, bred, or adopted, and they no longer need to fear death because they’re associated with the devil– the time for such foolishness is in the past.

How Cell Phones Affect Your Daily Life


    Studies have shown that cell phones increase your level of having depression, anxiety, lower your GPA score, and mess with your sleep schedule. Just using your phone every once in awhile doesn't really cause these problems, but if you are addicted to your phone, and you use it all of the time, these things can start to happen.

    Phones can mess with your sleep schedule. Most people sleep with their phones right next to their bed. This causes them to check their phone for new messages, notifications, or posts, even if they don't feel their phone vibrate or hear it ring because they don't want to miss anything. According to Pew Research Center, “44% of cell phone owners have slept with their phone next to their bed because they wanted to make sure they didn't miss any calls, text messages, or other updates during the night. In addition, 67% of cell owners say that they find themselves checking their cell phone for messages, alerts, or calls-even though they didn't notice their phone ringing or vibrating.” (Aaron Smith). If people put their phones anywhere other than right next to them when they are sleeping, they would probably get a better night’s sleep.

    Mobile phones also cause the temptation to check them all the time, and it distracts people. This makes them not be able to do their work or concentrate on what they need to be doing. Instead of working, people will text or play on their phone. This is bad because then they end up procrastinating important tasks. According to The Pew Research Center, “Cell phone owners say that their phone has made it at least somewhat harder to forget about work at home or on the weekends, to give people undivided attention, or to focus on a single task without being distracted.” (Aaron Smith). Something we need to work on is putting our phones aside until we finish what needs to be done.

    Researchers also did an investigation to see if phone usage affects your GPA, and the results revealed that people who use their phone have a comparatively lower GPA than people who don't use their phone as often. The amount of time you spend using electronics for things other than education actually affects your grades. According to Medical Daily, “The findings showed cell phone use/texting was negatively related to GPA, and positively related to anxiety.” (Lizette Borreli). This is most likely because instead of studying, or doing their work, people are using their phones, because that is what they would rather be doing.                                

    Anxiety; when people use their cell phones all the time for entertainment, or a lot of the time, it can cause anxiety and stress. Researchers found that cell phones can make you feel like you are never “free” and that they can cause stress because it’s always with you. This can also make you less happy as well. Medical Daily says, “Overall, those with high cell phone use tended to have slower GP! Higher anxiety, and lower satisfaction with their life or happiness compared to their peers who reportedly used their cell phone less.” (Lizette Borreli). This problem is just going to keep getting bigger because better phones are being made, and the new generation is growing up with them all around them. Illinois News Bureau also has information on this, “A new study from the University of Illinois finds that high engagement with mobile technology is linked to anxiety and depression in college-age students.” (Sarah Banducci). College-aged students, or even teens, who use their phones a lot at home have a higher score on anxiety scales than those who don't use their phone that much. This could be because when they are separated from their phone, or their phone dies, they get anxious because they are addicted to their phone and need to be aware of what others are saying and doing.

    Like anxiety, depression has also been linked to cell phone usage. Individuals who use their mobile device a lot scored a lot higher on depression scales than those who don't use their phone very much. According to The Illinois News Bureau, “People who self-described as having a really addictive-style behaviors toward the internet and cell phones scored much higher on depression and anxiety scales” (Sarah Banducci). If mobile phones are causing this much of a problem, it should probably be taken under consideration to use them less to help your health.

    If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it could be because you use your phone too much, and it’s best to reduce the time you spend using it, and try to ease off of checking it every five minutes. If you are having sleeping problems because of distractions from your phone, try putting your phone across the room while you work. If your GPA is low and you use your phone a lot, there could defiantly be a connection there. Try not using your phone as much, and see if your grades improve, if they do, then keep not using your phone as much -- make it a habit. Even though it may be tempting to check your phone all of the time, sometimes you have to put your phone out of sight and do other things. At first it will probably be hard, but after a while it will get easier not to check your phone as much and you will feel better. As for having anxiety and depression because of cell phone use, you should probably consult a doctor or counselor to help you.

    In conclusion, cell phones can mess with your mental health. They can lower GPA scores, cause anxiety, depression, lower your happiness, mess up your sleep schedule, and cause temptation. These problems are only going to get bigger as the new generation comes, because there are more and more mobile phones being made all of the time, but you can take a step towards a better direction for your health and how you use your mobile device.

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How Koalas Are Being Affected by Climate Change


      Koalas are critically endangered at this point in time, and are at risk of going extinct from climate change caused by the humans of today. About 91% of CO2 emissions are from people, and the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere every year is increasing and will keep increasing. If we don't find a way to help these little creatures, they will surely go extinct.


     Since 1778, 65 percent of koala’s forests have been cleared, and the remaining 35 percent is under threat from land clearing for agriculture and urban development ( This forces koalas to search for a new home and leads to more overall deaths. Another reason why the koalas are in search of a new home is because they need more eucalyptus leaves, which are the main source of their diet. Climate change is affecting the nutritional value of the eucalyptus leaf which is the main part of a koala's diet. Koalas need to consume 500 grams of the leaf each day in order to stay healthy and survive, and since the CO2 has affected the value it makes the Koalas eat more. This is what causes them to look for more of the leaf elsewhere: if they don't get enough of the leaf this can result in malnutrition and starvation.
        Human-induced climate change has lead to reduced rainfall levels, increased evaporation rates, and an overall temperature increase of about 1° C (33.8° F). By the year 2030, this will affect koalas greatly because they can't adapt quickly, the high number of droughts will force these precious creatures to descend from trees in search of water and a new habitat. This will make them increasingly vulnerable to wild and domestic predators, as well as road traffic, and will likely result in higher death tolls.
      It's important people start to take action to stop more koalas from dying. As much as we may want to stop climate change, the reality is that we’re going to need to slow it down first; with some effort we can slow our emissions of carbon dioxide down enough to make it easier for the koalas so they have a higher chance of survival.
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Jeffrey Fosgate's Exquisite Array of Enticing Epigrams

by Jeffrey Fosgate

edited by Parker Jalbert

The Bananagram

The banana, a fruit of magnificent taste,
a poem for it, I will make with great haste!
My feelings for bananas run deep like a pond,
for my feelings for bananas are quite fond!

Since I was a child, my mother would say,
“Eat at least one banana, once every day.”
As it was my mother, I could not not resist
to devour this fruit that, for my life, I had missed.

‘Twas a warm summer day upon the discovery
Of this fruit, its addiction of which has no recovery.
As innocent as its appearance could be,
Enjoying this fruit seemed impossible to me!

Even with the comfort of warmth from the Sun,
And the beautiful skies (for the day was still young!),
My mind was devout in preventing the consumption
Of this fruit, its taste of which was only an assumption.

Even with this gustatory isolation,
One feeling in particular gave me quite a sensation.
‘Twas a feeling that told me to not resist
Peeling open a banana with my hand and my wrist.

With reluctancy first, I peeled the skin back,
Although not too forcefully - only a crack!
However, upon seeing the yellow underneath,
I felt like sinking in it with my teeth!

“How could this be?”, I thought to myself.
“And you’re telling me this thing is good for my health?”
“Why do I feel this sudden urge to taste,
What I once looked at like it was nuclear waste?”

With excitement, yet caution, I took my first bite
Of a ripe, young banana - oh, the yellow delight!
Immediately noticing its succulent flavor,
I realized this fruit was something to savor!

I chewed it again, this time with assurance
That tasting this treat would not be an endurance.
Rather, I came to accept with ease,
That this was a fruit that could only please.

As I took more bites, I had failed to recall
That my banana had diminished to nothing at all.
With ambition to savor this fruit once again,
I got another banana and sliced it into ten.

This time, I ate it, slice by slice,
Like eating it whole, it was so very nice!
I was confident more so than ever before
That a banana was something to greatly adore.

Perhaps you could say I’m addicted to fruits,
That determining my favorite’s a heavy dispute.
However, I know in the bottom of my heart
that bananas unquestionably top the charts.

To this very day, it is my pleasure,
beyond any conceivable, definable measure,
to introduce bananas into my days,
in various, unique, quite different ways!

Perhaps you, the reader, will agree with me
when I say that bananas are a delight to see.
If you disagree, however, I almost find it a gest
to proclaim that bananas are simply the best!


The Young Boy’s Wish

There was once a young boy, so poor and alone,
who, despite his poor nature, had a melodic tone.
‘Twas a wonderful tune about journeys at sea,
and how all of the pirates were finally free.

The townsfolk around him could not help but wonder
what poor human soul would sing such a blunder.
Despite all these beat-downs, and his minimal pay,
He sat down and sang this song once every day.

One night, as he sung on a bench in his town,
up approached a man with a terrible frown.
He said, with great anger, for his words he did not heed,
“Keep your words to yourself; I’ve got children to feed!

I get home from work every day and hear you
sing your terrible tunes; the townspeople must fear you!
Can you not see the urgency of our lives?
Buzz off, little kid; I’ve got a family of five!”

The stern old man had waddled away
To the warmth of his home as he does every day.
However, for our poor, lonely young boy,
His song’s the only thing that brings him joy.

As he went in the alleyway, quick as a sheep,
preparing once again for his bitter night’s sleep.
he remembered that old tune in his head,
and before he went to sleep, he said,

“Oh me, oh my, I wish I could sail,
For, on this Earth’s seas, I’d leave quite the trail!
I’d be able to see all the seven seas,
Now that’s the life for me!

Oh me, oh my, I wish I could row,
On a nice, wooden sailboat, wherever it goes!
I’d find all sorts of creatures and all sorts of fish,
But I’m afraid it’s just that - an ambitious wish…”

There once was a young boy, so very afraid,
who, despite his poor nature, forced himself to be brave!
He knew that his wish was his destiny,
so he looked for solutions all over the streets.

One night, as he sung on the side of the streets,
A man in a cart drove beside him with glee.
He said, with enthusiasm, seeing opportunity,
“Hey kid, how’d you like to work with me?”

Although quite unsure of his job at first,
He’d do anything to get some money in his purse.
Regardless, the little boy remembered his wish,
And politely said “Yes” in his usual pitch.

The man, with excitement, drove his cart away,
Saying, “Meet me tomorrow kid; same place as today!”
For our poor, lonely little boy, however,
It seemed as if he’d be poor forever.

As he once again jostled to his alleyway,
Confused, at the moment, on just what to say,
He remembered, one more, that tune in his head,
And before he went to sleep he said,

“Oh me, oh my, I wish I could sail,
For, on this Earth’s seas, I’d leave quite the trail!
I’d be able to see all the seven seas,
Now that’s the life for me!

Oh me, oh my, I wish I could row,
On a nice, wooden sailboat, wherever it goes!
I’d find all sorts of creatures and all sorts of fish,
Perhaps it may not just be an ambitious wish!”

There once was a young boy, cautious and scared,
Who, despite his poor nature, had made a great dare.
His wish had looked closer after so long,
He felt as if he could do nothing wrong!

As promised before, he walked far away,
And he stood in the spot he was on yesterday,
When suddenly, the man in the cart came right by,
With a look of enthusiasm in his eyes.

“I’m glad you could make it!” the man said out loud.
“I’ve got one small request and a reward quite profound!
Take this letter of mine five miles from here,
And I’ll sail you, by sailboat, across the pier!”

The young boy grabbed the letter with ease,
And swiftly jogged away, for his aim was to please!
The man laughed with joy and drove right away,
Perhaps the boy’s dreams shall be granted today!

As he scurried about, both at day and at night,
Never giving up and showing great might,
He yet again remembered that tune in his head,
And as he was taking his breath, he said,

“Oh me, oh my, I wish I could sail,
For, on this Earth’s seas, I’d leave quite the trail!
I’d be able to see all the seven seas,
Now that’s the life for me!

Oh me, oh my, I wish I could row,
On a nice, wooden sailboat, wherever it goes!
I’d find all sorts of creatures and all sorts of fish,
Not all is hopeless for my little wish!”

There once was a young boy, so exhausted and tired,
who, despite his poor nature, was often admired!
With every step he took, he suspected the notion
That’d he’d finally be able to row a boat in the ocean!

With five miles behind him - a bested trail,
He’d finally be able to deliver the mail.
Even upon his long journey back,
The will to give up, he sorely lacked!

With his now weakened knees and his arms flopping down,
The man saw that the boy’s strength was world-renowned.
He said, “I hope you’ve got your sea legs in your hands,
For, when you see me next, you shall float above land!

With oars in your hands, and wood under your toes,
I hope you’re prepared to sail and row!”
As the man suddenly started driving away,
The boy knew he’d remember the day after today!

As he walked far away to a massive, vast field,
He took one knee and he started to kneel.
Looking above at the stars up ahead,
He remembered that tune in his head, so he said,

“Oh me, oh my, I wish I could sail,
For, on this Earth’s seas, I’d leave quite the trail!
I’d be able to see all the seven seas,
Now that’s the life for me!

Oh me, oh my, I wish I could row,
On a nice, wooden sailboat, wherever it goes!
I’d find all sorts of creatures and all sorts of fish,
Tomorrow, I shall fulfill my wish!”

There once was a young boy, ambitious and strong,
And his poor nature didn’t matter all along!
It’s as if he could smell the ocean from afar,
As he praised this day, when he’d row near and far!

With absolute might, like a powerful boar,
He, once again, stood in the spot from before.
His excitement heightened as the man pulled nearby,
Offering him a seat, saying, “Come on inside!”

In a matter of minutes, the skies and the trees,
Showed their true inner beauty; it was heaven to see!
Both the man and the boy knew, quite simply then,
That a dream would be fulfilled, one for each of the men!

With caution, but with passion, they got on a boat,
One made out of wood which stayed surprisingly afloat.
With a heave! and a ho! the boat launched from the shore,
‘Twas a sight the young boy could only adore!

As the boy grasped in all of the sights he could see,
And talked with the man, overpowered by glee,
He most certainly remembered that tune in his head,
And along with the man in the boat, he said,
“Oh me, oh my, I wished I could sail,
For, on this Earth’s seas, I knew I’d make quite the trail!
I knew I’d be able to see all the seven seas,
Now this is the life for me!

Oh me, oh my, I wished I could row,
On this nice, wooden sailboat, wherever it goes!
I see fish, and skies, and blue waters, too,
Dreams do come true!”