Friday, March 3, 2017

Indoor Track

               Indoor Track
                                                             By Jake Abbott
Edited by Jocelyn Jaro
     I interviewed freshman Candace Lee about the season, these were the questions I asked and her responses. How's the season going? “It went pretty well considering myself as a freshman I think it went pretty well.” What's your favorite thing about the team? “How supportive we were of each other.” What could've gone better? “Staying on task sometimes at practice.” Prediction for upcoming seasons? “There are a lot of seniors on the team so hopefully next year’s freshman will be able to catch up.” What might you have done differently? “To not get injured.” What's different about this team from the middle school team? “The practices are different because of our setting there wasn't as much we could do but there were other things we could do.”
     Wish the runners going to states good luck. They have had a great season and we hope to see good results in states. These runners have worked very hard to get to where they are now. We hope that incoming runners are just as successful. Let's hope for a good upcoming season!

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