Friday, March 17, 2017

History of St. Patrick's Day

article by Alyssa Huff
media by Ashley Davis
edited by Colby Cole
     Who's ready for a whole lot of green? I know I am! But, do we all really know what St. Patrick's Day really is about? Well I guess we'll have to find out. The official date of St Patrick's Day is March 17th and it's usually a day full of celebrations, parties full of dancing, and a lot of funky green outfits. 

      In the 5th century a man thought to be named Maewyn Succat was later called Patrick because of his romanticized name, Patricus. When he was younger he was kidnapped by pirates and he was sold into slavery in Ireland. He was there for six years and he went through many difficult changes. One day he dreamed of seeing God. Some people even say that God told him to escape by getting on a getaway ship. After he escaped he went to Britain and France and he eventually joined a monastery. While he was there he spent 12 years training with the bishop of Auxerre, St. Germain. After Patrick became a bishop he wished that the Irish call him back so he could tell them about God, but they didn't. So, he set off for Ireland anyway. Through his journey he baptized as many people as he could and he was even arrested several times but he always escaped. Through his life he even helped establish monasteries, schools, and even many churches. So, St. Patrick became a well known figure in history for his brilliant leadership. In case you didn't know, or if you wanted to know, the shamrock has some significance to this day. The shamrock represents the Trinity; which refers to Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. Saint Patrick's mission in Ireland lasted for 20 years until his death. He died on March 17th, AD 461. That day has been St. Patrick's Day ever since. I hope you learned more about St. Patrick's Day after reading this article, have a good St. Patrick's Day!


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