Friday, March 17, 2017

Culture Club

article by Alexis Steffens and Emma Swett
edited by Audrey Elston

Culture Club is a club that allows for students and some faculty to go on trips all around the world. One previous destination where they have traveled to this year has been New York.  When asked where they were planning on going next, Mrs. Chamoff responded with, “We are going to Paris, Rome and the French Riviera in a few weeks!” These trips are also funded by the students, and by fundraising. If you wish to join, Mrs. Chamoff may be able to help with any questions you have regarding Culture Club.

Alexis Steffens had the opportunity to speak with Mrs. Chamoff, a freshman English Language Arts teacher, about Culture Club. She has been involved and conducted the Culture Club for 13 years so far, so she was able to answer some questions about the club, hopefully you will get the answers you were looking for.

When was culture club started?-  “Culture Club started before I came to MHS in 2002. I took over in 2004.”

What do you do/purpose?-  “Our mission statement goes something like this--To expose students to other places in order to expand their horizons to other peoples and cultures around the globe. There is a drawing of our logo in the new cafe in the West.”

Do members have any obligations?-  “Attend all meetings and participate in fundraising.”
What's your favorite part about culture club?-  “The kids and the trips. I love the looks on students faces when they see an icon such as the Statue of Liberty, Big Ben or the Eiffel Tour for the first time.”

Have you taken any trips and if so where?-  “We are going to Paris, Rome and the French Riviera in a few weeks! I am taking 8 students and another adult. I have been all over the world and one of my best trips was with Mrs. Poulin when we went to Ireland and England. I have been to Ireland (3x), London (2x), Greece and Greek Islands, Paris (2x), Rome (3x), Florence (2x), Venice (2x).”

Has culture taken any trips so far and if so where?-  “This will be my 6th Culture Club trip to Europe on April 14. We usually take a European trip every two years as students need to fund the trip, but we usually take a trip to either New York City before Christmas or Boston in the spring. The Culture Club didn't travel until 2006 and the kids never went any further than Portland (to see African drummers) until I got bored and decided I needed to get out of Maine during April vacation!”

Below is an interview conducted by Alexis Steffens and Emma Swett with freshman, Kassidy Lang. She is a member of Culture Club so hopefully she will answer any questions you may have from a student's perspective.

What is Culture Club?- “It's a club where you get to group up with a bunch of people and learn about cultures and go on trips.”

How do you join?- “You can just listen to the announcement and when they tell you the next meeting you can just go and join.”

What's the best thing about Culture Club?- “Going on the trips.”

Do you encourage more people to join?- “Yeah, because it's a fun experience and you get to meet more people.”
Is there a deadline to join?- “No, but if you want to go to the New York trip you had to be signed up in November.”

What's your favorite thing you've learned about yours or another culture?- “Probably learning about our own culture, during the New York trip we went to museums and it's cool to learn about our American history.”

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