Friday, March 3, 2017


Edited by Jocelyn Jaro
I interviewed Jocelyn Jaro who is on the girls JV basketball team and asked her a few questions about how the season went. She said that their team didn't do as well as they hoped as they ended the season 1-14. She said that she should practice during the off season more to get better for next year. Her prediction for next year is that they will improve, and hopefully get more wins. She said “we have improved greatly as teammates and friends over the course of the season.”
    I also interviewed Jake Abbott who is a swinger on boys basketball. He plays on the freshman team and the JV team. Jake said that we didn't do as well as he hoped in both JV and freshman team. The freshman team finished 3-12 and the JV team finished 1-14. I asked him where they need to improve and he said the offseason. He believes that when our team is focused and putting in work during the offseason then we will be focused and prepared during the regular season. His prediction for next year we will finish around winning half of our games.

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