Friday, March 17, 2017

Athletes From Massabesic To Be Honored at Annual Citizenship Banquet

article by Jeffrey Fosgate and Hayden Peters
edited by Sarah Cloutier
11 April, 2017, Italian Heritage Center, Portland, ME - Two student athlete representatives of Massabesic High School will be attending a southern Maine citizenship banquet, where they will both be honored with a prestigious award for their service, both as a citizen in their community, and as an athlete within their school.

  The Southwestern Maine Activities Association’s annual citizenship banquet is a special, celebratory event, composed by the Southern Maine Activities Association (a group of schools consisting of seventeen York and Cumberland-based schools, all of which actively participate in activities such as sports and intramurals) to recognize two outstanding student athletes from each participating school for their outstanding citizenship qualities, exemplary determination towards and participation in activities and extracurricular groups, and incredible leadership abilities overall. These students are selected by coaches, administrators, and teachers.

  In the past, both within Massabesic and beyond it, students have very clearly earned their rewards with their abilities to commit to what they enjoy doing, while maintaining strong grades in school, participating within the community, and even inspiring others to pursue similar interests. Previous recipients of this reward have been the team captains and leadership figures of multiple after-school clubs and activities, all-around honors students for multiple years, significant contributors to the community via community service and incredibly constant selflessness, and shining examples of constantly-contributing members of society, as evidently seen by the merits which got them their honors.

  Besides Massabesic, multiple schools throughout the York community, including Bonny Eagle High School, Marshwood High School, Sanford High School, Cheverus High School, and Thornton Academy, will also be participating in this banquet, selecting two student athletes to represent their respective schools at the banquet that day.
  The banquet is scheduled to be held at the Italian Heritage Center, at 40 Westland Avenue, in Portland, Maine, from 6:00 to 7:00 PM. Massabesic High School’s 2016-2017 recipients have not been announced publicly yet, but will be personally notified of their honors before the banquet.

SMAA Torch.jpg
The Southwestern Maine Activities Association (logo seen above) sponsors and conducts this citizenship banquet annually to represent some of Maine’s finest scholar athletes from schools across the state of Maine.

nick vigue.JPG
In the past, Massabesic High School has recognized outstanding scholar athletes for their work within and beyond Massabesic. One example of such a scholar athlete is 2014 award recipient, Nick Vigue (picture shown above), who, at the time of his receiving of the award as a senior, was recognized for his many positions as team captain for many sports, his immensely successful fundraising towards deserving causes, and his curricular success throughout his high school year.

The Italian Heritage Center (interior depicted above) is where the banquet will be taking place. Its elegance, rather exclusive nature, and formality make this a perfect place for such a momentous, celebratory occasion.

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