Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Women's March on Washington

Article by Alexia Schultz
         Edited by Sofia Albert        

   Ever since our new president Donald Trump took his place in office, women have been taking a stand. Some of every race, sexuality, and religion are fighting for their voice to be heard. This is what feminism is, fighting for equal rights of men and women. To see what the march was  like visit this link:


    The women's march originated in Hawaii, the day after president Trump was elected president. This women in Hawaii started a Facebook page about it and got an overwhelming response. Just in Washington alone over 440,000 people showed up, when they only expected 200,00. The women's march happened all over the world, in all 7 continents. I'm attendance to the women's march were many celebrities, including Alicia Keys, Madonna, and Whoopi Goldberg.
     The women's march itself is a protest. They're protesting the removal of women's right such as abortions. Abortion is one of the controversial topics that people can't decide if it should be legal or illegal. But you can't really make abortions illegal, only safe abortions. Women who can't handle a baby at that time or the baby is a product of rape or incest, will find a way to abort it. Back alley abortions will become more common, most of the time the women will die as well. The protesters also had some things to say to our president mostly in retaliation for the comments he said to women, disabled people, and people of color. They stated their opinions in the form of comedic posters, like the one below:

    People think that because people protest it means they hate their country or don't want to be in it, but protesting is the highest form of patriotism. Protesting means that you believe your country can be better and you're pushing it to be the best country it can be. These women are fighting for what they believe in. Marches themselves have started  some of the most influential movements in all of history.

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    I appreciate an article-writer who approaches a topic that could present backlash if not handled properly, and I am happy to say that you have taken the time to be factual and explain a group's beliefs (as opposed to supporting them and insulting the other side of the argument). Although the content is fantastic, I would advise against using the same photograph multiple times, as a sign of professionalism and quality. The only other thing I would recommend is to watch out for minor grammatical mistakes or anything of the like. Good job, keep it up.


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