Monday, February 27, 2017

Winter Sports Pep Rally

By: Emily Morin
Edited By: Trie Yale

  Sports are a big part of Massabesic High School and many students take part in this. On Friday, February 3, 2017, there was a pep rally for all of the winter sports at MHS. These sports include: boys and girls basketball, wrestling, ice hockey, swim, indoor track, and cheerleading. All teams play a big part in representing our school and community and also embody the mustang pride. At the pep rally, all of the teams were introduced and the students that participated in these sports got to stand up and have the entire school body cheer them on for their success.
  Other than honoring Massabesic’s winter sports teams, the faculty and student body also honored some teachers that have made a big impact in their coaching careers. The first coach/teacher MHS honored was Michele Martin-Moore where she was named coach of the year for her field hockey team's success in their season being the Southern Maine Champions and going all the way the the state game being the first in Massabesic High School history. The second teacher/coach that was recognized was Mark Creapo that has been coaching cross country at MHS for 37 years. The last coach is Coach Derochers where he was recognized for retiring next year after 10 years of being a wrestling coach at Massabesic.
 After the awards and recognition the students had some fun in the gym. There was many games played such as dodgeball, bowling with a football, and basketball with a football. Many students got into the spirit of the games and many participated from freshmen to seniors. Even the teachers participated in a dodgeball game against the juniors. The cheerleaders started the whole shabang with an amazing show full of the mustang spirit that the school needed at the end of the day and week. Overall, Massabesic High School’s winter sports pep rally definitely had mustang pride showing off their successful teams and outstanding coaches.

By Allison Blair
Edited by Trie Yale

   Just before the Superbowl, MHS held a pep rally! This pep rally was used to honor the school’s sports teams and coaches. Some of the teams mentioned were the unified basketball team and the field hockey team. Coach Martin-Moore of the field hockey team, and Coach Crepeau of the MHS cross country team, received honorable mentions for their achievements in their coaching careers.

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