Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Uprise of the Eagle Population

article by Kassidy Lang
edited by Sofia Albert
Our national bird, the Bald Eagle, had almost gone extinct with its population numbers dropping dramatically due to habitat loss, poaching, the hunting of the animals that the eagles eat, and the spread of DDT(an insecticide that causes adult eagles to lay eggs that have thin shells that break easily).
     Many laws and protections were put into play to protect these beautiful birds. Some laws they made:
  • Banned DDT in 1972
  • Killing of Bald Eagles was made illegal
  • Nest sites became protected areas
  • And we restored/built the population of the Eagles back up where they had been eliminated
      Bald Eagles are the only Eagles that are unique to only North America. In 1963 there were only 417 nesting pairs, an all time low for the population, but by 2007 there were an estimated 9,789 breeding pairs in the U.S. With this big boom in the population it was taken off of the threatened and endangered species list. We must stay informed and help to make sure Bald Eagles never get close to extinction again. Thanks to the protection of the Bald Eagle they will still be around for many years to come.
        Many places have live web cams to gain awareness of the Bald Eagles and how they live. Go to http://www.berry.edu/eaglecam/ for a look into the life of a Bald Eagle.
source: fws.gov

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